What if Doctor Octopus's hadn't become a criminal?

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Ok, this is a forum I'm making thats basically like Marvel's What If..? series. In this forum, Doctor Octopus has had his arms fused to his body by the atomic explosion that originally did it, BUT his brain is still exactly the same as before. Soooooo....... WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!!!

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He attempts to live a normal life but in the end becomes a hero?

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Platinumwarrior said:
"He attempts to live a normal life but in the end becomes a hero?"
I was thinking more of because Betty Brant's brother Bennett can't get Doc Ock to bust Blackie Gaxton from prison (see ASM #11), he gets killed, this time by some of Blackie's thugs, and as a result Betty moves away from Peter and asks him not to see her again because she is too sad. Peter gets depressed without Betty there, loses worsely than he did originally when he fights Mysterio (ASM #13), and is unmasked.
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Doc Ock Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D.

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