Classic Doc Ock returns with a "Vengeance"? (ha ha)

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Ladies and gentlemen, the Doctor is IN.

That image by Gabrielle Del'Otto, released along with several other portraits for Marvel's upcoming Vengeance miniseries, has to be the most badass that Otto Octavius has looked in comics for, what, ten years? Fifteen? His whole attitude here is reminiscent of the best version of the character: the white-suit-wearing magnificent bastard of David Micheline and Erik Larsen. I don't know why that version has been ignored by comics and fandom since his death in the mid-90's, and every subsequent attempt to update the character (Mullettastic Matrix!Ock... *shudder*) fell flat of... well, this character in the image above. From the sounds of it, this Otto may appear only in flashback. I hope not, as this is exactly what the character's needed to be ever since he came back to life. I appreciate what's going on with the character right now in comics, but look at that image. Look at that smooth, evil motherfucker. That's the goddamn Doctor Octopus.
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I hated that new version, I'm glad that he'll at least have a small chance to be back to his usual cool condition…plus, this art is awesome.
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I dont see how he could get back to this version of himself unless he clones himself but the current version sucks. He is basically a cocoon of a man with metal limbs being the only thing keeping him from being a total failure or anything thing close to remeniscnet of the villain he used to be
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Finally. I didn't like this "new" Doc Ock
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used this art over a month ago, in my blog.

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That picture is SICK!  Look at that evil grimace!  Now that's a villain. From the way he's smilling, it's like he's overjoined that he figured out a way to return to his former glory, and now he's ready to get is ultimate revenge on Spider-man.  If so I can't wait.

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