Victor Von Doom #1 mini

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Victor Von Doom #1
Release Date:Late
Cover Price:$2.99
Previews Code:
By Becky Cloonan, Nick Spencer

The teenaged Victor Von Doom defends his life… in Hell. The undergrad who'll grow to become Dr. Doom is an abrasive young genius surrounded by collegiate buffoons, wastrels, and dilettantes - like that insufferable Richards. But Doom knows he's destined for greater things, and from his dorm he journeys fearlessly to Hell to save the spirit of his mom… and his struggle to get there, the trials he faces, and his subsequent failure will make him the man he's to become. Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan pull back the cloak to reveal the youthful, angsty, exuberant side of Victor Von Doom!

Rated T+

Victor Von Doom #2
Release Date:Late
Cover Price:$2.99
Previews Code:OCT110657
By Becky Cloonan, Nick Spencer

Deep in the pits of Hell, teenaged Victor Von Doom is in for the battle of his life! As he fights to save the only good and true thing he cares for, our hero discovers the only thing worth living for is within his reach…by the exciting-hot team?of Nick Spencer (ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN) and Becky Cloonan (Demo)!

32 PGS./Rated T+

Victor Von Doom #3
Release Date:Late
Cover Price:$2.99
Previews Code:NOV110553
By Becky Cloonan, Nick Spencer

Victor Von Doom faces the perils of Hell! Doom suffers no demon gladly! As he enterst he deepest fiery pits, how is the boy changed forever?

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Wasn't this cancelled?

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