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Victor was the child of Gypsy travelers in Latveria, a small European country. Victor's mother, Cynthia, was killed soon after she called upon the demon Mephisto for power. She left Victor with his father, asking him to protect him from Mephisto. Victor's father, Werner, was a doctor who was called upon by King Vladimir of Latveria to treat his wife. Unable to do so, Werner fled with Victor and died soon afterward trying to protect his son. Victor was left with his father's best friend Boris. Victor later discovered his mother's mystical books and artifacts. With them he was able to teach himself sorcery. He made several unsuccessful attempts to free his mother's soul from Mephisto.

Victor excelled in science, developed several inventions, and was eventually given a scholarship to Empire State University. While attending this school Victor met Reed Richards, who would later become his enemy, Mr. Fantastic. In school, they were considered scholarly rivals. One day, Victor designed an invention to rescue his mother which would become his greatest downfall. Richards attempted to warn Victor of an error in his calculations. However, Von Doom's arrogance refused to let him listen. The machine then exploded, scarring his face, and led to his expulsion from the university.

Doctor Doom is Born
Doctor Doom is Born

Von Doom later went to Tibet and found an old order of monks. He practiced their ways enough for him to become their leader. Von Doom then asked them to make his first suit of armor. Eager to wear the suit, Doom placed the still-hot steel faceplate to his face, making him even more scarred than before. As Dr. Doom, he then killed Baron Vladimir and imprisoned his son Rudolfo, and gained control over Latveria. Rudolfo would escape and lead a rebellion and become a thorn in Doom's side for years till his death. Later, Rudolfo's younger brother Zorba would take over where his brother left off. Doom using his intellect and inventions, turned Latveria into a thriving nation.


Doctor Doom was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Fantastic Four Vol.1 issue 5 (1962). The primary inspiration for Doctor Doom was Doc Savage's archenemy John Sunlight. Stan Lee often refered to Doctor Doom as 'his favorite villain'.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Doctor Doom fought the Fantastic Four many times in this era.

Bronze Age

Doctor Doom starred with Namor the Sub-Mariner, and other characters, in Super-Villain Team Up, as well as a few graphic novels such as Emperor Doom and Triumph and Torment. The idea of the Doombot is expanded.

Modern Age

Doctor Doom's magical abilities are explored more and his plans take on a more global aspect with his membership in the Cabal and his attack on Wakanda.

Major Story Arcs

Doom versus the Fantastic Four

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While on a quest to conquer the world, Doom had several run-ins with his former rival, Reed Richards and his super team, the Fantastic Four. He first tried to get the Fantastic Four to steal some gems which were originally Merlin's from the past and would bring him great power, but this plan ended in failure.

He teamed up with other superhero, Namor , to try to defeat the Four and almost succeeded. He was defeated and stranded in space where he was rescued by the Ovoids. He was able to learn much of their technology and used it upon his return to Earth to try to defeat the Fantastic Four again. He switched bodies with Reed Richards and impersonated him. He planned to shrink the rest of the team into nothingness, but the plan backfired and it was Doom who was shrunken.

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After being shrunken, Doom had entered the Microverse, a land of peace ripe for the taking. After befriending the King and Princess Pearla he became the court magician (because of his advanced science that was unknown to them). He had their people build his weapons for him and soon turned on this royal friends and shrunk them further, taking control of their planet. He then built another machine to tamper with the lives of the Fantastic Four, which eventually brought them to his doorstep. Once captured, he planned to trade the Four to the Lizard Men of Tok, brutal conquerors of the Microverse, in exchange for allegiance. Of course the Fantastic Four were able to escape. Once Doom noticed they had, he returned to the normal world, not giving up on his plans of revenge. He began his plans immediately, kidnapping Alicia Masters to his Flying Fortress and warning the Fantastic Four to not interfere if they wish to see her again. He then sent a note to the President of the United States demanding a spot in the cabinet or else he would wage war against the country. After he received no response, Doom attacked the US mainframe, taking control of it's electricity and weapons. The Fantastic Four were helpless, Doom having used his 'followers' to map their atomic structures, making it impossible for them to attack him without being disintegrated.

Doom aids the FF against the Overmind
Doom aids the FF against the Overmind

But Reed outsmarted Doom again, transforming the Thing back into Ben Grimm temporarily, enabling him to breach Doom's defenses and allow the rest of the team entrance. Doom still had booby traps for the team but they still were able to reach him. Doom went to grab Alicia, knowing they would never risk her safety, only to find the Invisible Woman had switched places with her. Doom was defeated again and rather than be captured and humiliated he jumped from the Fortress to escape.

The most unusual Fantastic Four-Doctor Doom tale occurred in Fantastic Four #116. The Earth was in grave danger from the foe called Overmind. He was so powerful that he even took control of Mr. Fantastic's will and made him his lackey. However, Agatha Harkness appeared to the Invisible Girl and urged her to contact Doctor Doom, the one person who could help. Susan went to Doom and at first he refused her request for aid, but she was eventually able to convince him to change his mind. Doom led the Human Torch, the Thing and the Invisible Girl in battle against the Overmind.

Enemies with the Silver Surfer

One of his enemies was the Silver Surfer. He was able to steal the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic and become one of the most powerful beings on Earth, but again, his plan was stopped by the Fantastic Four. They managed to trick him into flying outside of Earth's boundaries, therefore meaning that since Galactus had placed boundaries to stop the Silver Surfer leaving, Doom's power was lost.

Dr. Doom became the runner-up at the Aged Genghis's contest. As stated in the rules of the match, he was given one request from the winner, Doctor Strange. Dr. Doom's request was to free his mother's soul from Mephisto. Together, they were able to free the soul of his mother, but at the price of her undying hatred against her son.

Secret Wars

Doom sporting his short-lived Secret Wars look
Doom sporting his short-lived Secret Wars look

During the events of Secret Wars, Doom was one of the villains kidnapped by the Beyonder and sent to Battleworld. He quickly began manipulating the events of the series to his own ends, and ended up briefly sporting a new look after his armor was damaged and hastily rebuilt. Doom soon encountered Klaw, and used the villain as part of a plot to steal the powers of both the Beyonder and Galactus. Doom was thwarted when the Beyonder stole Klaw's body and tricked Doom into giving up his new found Godhood.

Dethroned and Exile

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Heroes Reborn

When the threat of Onslaught arrived on Earth, Doom saw this as an opportunity to steal the being's powers. When Earth's heroes learned they must sacrifice themselves to defeat Onslaught, Iron Man decided Doom should help with that sacrifice. Iron Man grabbed Doom and pulled him into Onslaught's essence, killing him.

Franklin Richards created a pocket universe for the heroes to live in. Doom remained much as he had before. Unlike most of the heroes, Doom seemed to remember the past events of Onslaught. When Galactus came to Earth to consume it, Doom was met by a future version of himself and given information and technology to help him. Doom first tried to steal the cosmic powers of Galactus' heralds. Soon realizing he was no match for Galactus and realizing the planet was doomed, he travelled back in time to try to prevent this. After two more attempts to stop Galactus and turn it towards his favor, Doom finally worked with the heroes and the Silver Surfer to defeat Galactus. Eventually, after the heroes returned back to their normal Earth, Doom remained behind. He took over the world and moved it from the pocket universe to his original universe with magic and technology, putting it in the same orbit as Earth, only on the opposite side, creating a Counter Earth. Eventually he was overthrown and returned to his rightful planet.


Cosmic Doom
Cosmic Doom

During his youth, he fell in love with a woman named Valeria, but she declined his advances. He made a pact with the Hazareth Three, which involved sacrificing her in order to gain more power. This act is generally considered to be the precursor to a new Dr. Doom who regretted the crime against Valeria. It is stated to be the reason for Doom naming Reed's daughter Valeria, after the woman he truly loved but killed. He considers himself to be the self-appointed guardian of young Valeria as he feels this is the way he can atone for the death of his love. However, Marvel has not mentioned exactly what triggered this emotional sentiment in Doom to bring back the memory of Valeria. He became trapped in Hell when he was tricked by the Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange.

When Mjolnir was floating and passing through all realities, it made a hole in hell for Doom to escape. When Mjolnir landed on Earth, Doom tried to claim it, but he was unworthy. He later returned to Latveria and rediscovered his magical heritage to defeat his enemies. He later welcomed Atlanteans to Latveria when their kingdom was destroyed and later aligned himself with Loki to plot against Thor and the release of Asgard's enemies.

Doom then faced the Mighty Avengers after he released Symbiote from one of his satellites. When Iron Man, Sentry, and Doom were fighting, they were suddenly brought back to the past. The three had to work together to get back to the present by using Mr. Fantastic's time machine from that time line. But when they got back, Doom sent Iron Man to a time when his castle was only moments away from exploding. With Iron Man out of the way, he easily defeated the Avengers. Iron Man however, managed to escape in the nick of time. That, combined with Spider-Woman's breakout from Doom's prison proved to be the start of his downfall and Doom was finally apprehended.

Civil War

During the Marvel Civil War, Dr. Doom had been abandoned in hell (Mobius Dimension) by the Fantastic Four. There, he conducted a valiant battle against innumerable demons. He escaped when Thor's hammer passed through that plane of existence, on its journey to Earth. When back on Earth, he found that his Prime Minister had taken over his country, after two years of Doom being absent. The Minister was about to make serious changes in the government, when Doom intervened. He then set about the task of retrieving the Mjolnir. After fighting SHIELD and the Fantastic Four, he arrived at the hammer only to find he could not lift it. He returned to Latveria, frustrated.

In Latveria he was approached by Black Panther and his wife, Storm to form a united front against the registration act of the US. At the time Black Panther was seeking aide from countries such as the UK and Atlantis. Although Doom agreed with Black Panther, he did not involve himself in combat on US soil during the war.

Dark Reign

In the fallout of Secret Invasion we first see Dr. Doom attending the meeting of the Dark Illuminati. Victor is unimpressed with Norman Osborn's brave new world but plays ball anyways. Following the departure of the other Illuminati, Namor and Doom talk about their real plans. Doom says that if things do not go the way he thinks there will be a battle the likes the universe has never seen.

Upon his return to Latveria, Doom is attacked by Morgana Ley Fay after she had attempted to murder him in the past. The powerful witch blasts Doom and knocks him down for the count. As Morgana moves in for the kill Doom is saved by Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers. Dr. Doom has also been working with groups of B-Ranked super-villains since the Secret Invasion. He smashed up the Sinister Six, (Kraven, Doc Ock., Sandman, Chameleon, Vulture, and Mysterio) before telling them he just had plans for them. Doom gives them instructions and helps them enhance their powers while he uses them to further his agenda.

After this we see Dr. Doom teamed up with the Circus of Crime searching for the secret of eternal life. They come into a clash with Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil. It is revealed that the battle between the two groups was a test set-up by Doom to see who he would recruit. Even though the Circus won (with a very great deal of help from Doom.) Doom recruits the Masters of Evil but also extends his hand to Python Princess. Doom had one last meeting with Norman and his Cabal, but still refused to side with Norman. To show off his power, Norman unleashed his 'secret weapon' on Doom and defeated him. But Doom was obviously prepared for this sort of attack, sending a Doombot in his place. The Doombot unleashed advanced technology to attack the Cabal and Norman's Dark Avengers. Doom had made it clear that no one controls Doctor Doom.

The Master of Doom

The Marquis of Death as the new Doom
The Marquis of Death as the new Doom

After his initial capture and release for war crimes, Doom revealed that he had been taught everything by a master who would soon be returning. His master, he said, was far more powerful and evil than even himself. But when his master returned, known as the Marquis of Death, he was displeased with what Doom had been doing in the two decades since they parted. He expected Doom to be the vicious ruler of the Earth, no the ruler of a small country constantly defeated by heroes such as the Fantastic Four.

After mentally toying with him, he beat Doom and banished him to prehistoric times to die. With his new apprentice, the Marquis of Death began to torment the Fantastic Four as punishment. The Fantastic Four were able to defeat Doom's master, only to find that the new apprentice was Doom himself. After being banished to the past, he spent millions of years growing in power and sorcery, planning his deceptive move against his former master. Now weakened by his defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four, Doom killed his master, who was finally pleased with his former student.

Fall of the Hulks


Long ago, Doom was approached by the Leader and his super villain group the Intelligencia. They planned to steal the lost information of the Library of Alexandria and needs a safe place to store it, which Doom could provide in Latveria. Doom did not participate on any of the missions to obtain the information. When the last piece of info was retrieved, Doom betrayed them. He took the information for himself and had his guards attack the other members. Recently, the group reformed and with their technology and expertise created the Red Hulk and the Red She-Hulk. They planned to 'lobotomize' the competition and capture eight of Earth's greatest minds, including Doom.

Doom was attacked by the Hulk, who turned out to be the Cosmic Hulk , controlled by MODOK and the Leader. Doom was able to absorb the robot's energy but at the same time took the bait and absorbed a 'neural anesthetizer' that diminished his mental abilities. Lacking the needed intelligence to operate his devices or remember his magical incantations, Doom was captured by the Cosmic Hulk and transported to the location of the Intelligencia. In his captivity, Doom's now diminished mind can only think of revenge against Bruce Banner, whom he mistakenly blames for his abduction.

Doom and the other geniuses were all attached to a device on the Intelligencia's Hellcarrier. Inside the device was a fantasy world to control them, but Doom was not convinced by the illusion. But the device slowly drained their intelligence. Doom knew the world was fake but did not have the intelligence left to make an escape plan. He convinced Bruce that he was the only one with the mental capacity to release them, since he had not been in the machine as long. Bruce finally did what was needed and allowed their escape. In classic Doom fashion, he attempted to use the machine to transfer all the other geniuses knowledge into his own mind. Doom had not realized that his mental abilities were still diminished from the earlier attack and hooked himself to the machine incorrectly, further frying his own brain. He once again swore revenge on Bruce Banner, this time the real one, before the Red She-Hulk punched Doom through the wall and sent him plummeting to Earth.


Doom's imagination, Doomworld
Doom's imagination, Doomworld

When Doom learned of a xenophobic group of Wakandans known as the Desturi, he began his plans for gaining access to the Vibranium supplies of Wakanda. Vibranium has the ability to be magically charged and has infinite power potential, something Doom has figured how to do and could be virtually unstoppable with the vast amounts of Vibranium located in Wakanda. Doom funded the Desturi to begin their revolt and takeover. Doom developed nanite cameras which were dispersed into all Wakandans which made them unknowing spies for Doom. With all the security information of Wakanda available to him, he was able to gain access to the vault that contains the country's Vibranium. Doom has no interest in ruling Wakanda. If all goes according to his plans, he will take the Vibranium and turn the country into a wasteland. Having captured Storm, Doom demands she open the last locks. But she cannot open it. Doom discovers that to enter the vault 'Only Through Purity Unencumbered by Pretense May You Pass,' something Doom could never enter.

Mystical Vibranium Armor
Mystical Vibranium Armor

But Doom has not planned this for so long to be stopped now. He strips himself, leaving him totally vulnerable and enters the doorway. There he is met by the Panther God of Wakanda, Bast, who is able to probe Doom's mind and soul for his impurities and bad intentions. At first glance, Bast calls Doom a monster, having caused countless deaths and caused much harm to friends and enemies alike. But Doom convinces Bast to look further, opening himself totally to show that the ends justify the means. In countless futures viewed by Doom, humanity has destroyed itself - except one. The alternate future of Doomworld where Doom reigns supreme is the only chance to save the human race. Though Bast does not approve of Doom's methods, Doom truly believes he can be the savior of mankind, and has passed the test. The

Vibranium is now in the hands of Doom. Working with the Broker, Doom begins his ritual to magically enhance the Vibranium and begin his conquest of the world. The ritual was successful and soon Doom had the power to control every bit of Vibranium on the planet and make it come to life, simultaneously attacking every country and team on Earth. Doom described the power as being even greater than when he took the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic or when he possessed a Cosmic Cube.

The Black Panther and Shuri gathered their allies to the borders of Latveria in an attempt to draw Doom out since they dared not wage open war with Latveria. With all his power and might, Doom accepted the challenge and planned to remove his enemies once and for all. With the incredible power he possessed and an army of Doombots, Doom easily had his enemies on the edge of defeat. But the Black Panther did the unexpected. He used Doom's great power as his own power source to make all the processed Wakandan Vibranium on Earth useless, thus sacrificing the source of Wakanda's economy. Doom had been defeated and also had lost hundreds of billions of dollars in the process.

Reborn and joining the Future Foundation

The Agreement
The Agreement

The transfer overload to Doom damaged his brain and left him severely diminished in mental capacity. He called for Kristoff from exile to take his place until he could find a way to return his intelligence. Meanwhile, A future version of Franklin Richards had warned Valeria Richards that there was an upcoming problem and that 'All Hope Lies in Doom.' The Fantastic Four had disbanded after the seeming death of the Human Torch, and so it was of the essence to bring Doom in the fold. When Valeria arrived to ask for Doom's help, she noticed that he was struggling to follow her words and she learned that he was recently brain damaged. In exchange for his help to save her father, she offered to find a way to restore his intelligence.

With the help of Mr. Fantastic (and the convincing of Nathaniel Richards), they used Kristoff as a back up to restore Doom's intelligence. As part of his bargain, he joined the Future Foundation to assist Valeria in saving the world. The threat finally emerged in the last surviving members of the Council, an inter-dimesional gathering of all the Reed Richards' of the multiverse. Upon investigation, one Reed managed to fool Doom into allowing him to place a control collar on him, as he had done with many other alternate versions of Doom throughout the multiverse.

Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet

Under the alternate Reed's control, they traveled to Latveria and were met by Nathaniel Richards, who helped assist them in returning to their own universe. Doom was finally released from the collar when they were all forced to stop the invasion of the Mad Celestials, enemies of the Council bent on destroying all versions of Reed Richards. Doom stayed behind to fight off the Celestials on his own while the others escaped and tried to close the portal behind them. While it was known that Doom must die to save the Earth, Valeria told him to find a way to survive, something Doom undoubtedly meant to do in the first place.

While all believed Doom sacrificed himself for the greater good, Doom did indeed survive. Not only did he find the Infinity Gauntlet of one of the expired Reed's, he also discovered their collection of lobotomized Dooms from alternate dimensions. Doom began his preparations for the future.


Doom's Avengers
Doom's Avengers

During the events of AXIS, Doom is temporarily transformed into a heroic figure after being exposed to the Inversion wave that was unleashed during the battle with Red Onslaught. To this end, he and Valeria partner with Phil Coulson to form a new team of Avengers after the originals are captured by the Inverted Sam Wilson. The Avengers are able to steal a portion of the Inverted Scarlet Witch's power, which Doom uses to resurrect Cassie Lang, a young heroine he had killed during the Children's Crusade. He is also responsible for resurrecting Brother Voodoo, who plays a key role in defeating Scarlet Witch and bringing an end to the crisis. Doom ultimately helps undo the Inversion despite realizing that it will cause him to return to his own ways, and is last seen back in Latveria with the Red Skull as his prisoner.

Powers and Abilities

Sorcery: Doctor Doom's potential in the mystic arts comes from the Roma (i.e. Gypsies) heritage of his mother. He learned these abilities from his time with a secret order of monks in Tibet. He further developed his abilities by traveling through time and learning lost Dark Arts. Doctor Strange originally considered him magically proficient but only a mid-level mage, but now considers Doom one of the most powerful practitioners of sorcery and a potential Sorcerer Supreme. His knowledge and power is great enough to hold his own against the likes of Morgan le Fay and Doctor Voodoo, the current Sorcerer Supreme. His knowledge of spell-craft likely surpasses Doctor Strange's, former Sorcerer Supreme. However, he considers his scientific abilities to be more important and has devices that do many of the same things. In Marvel Avengers Alliance, Doctor Doom displayed some magical abilities such as Magic Bolt, Ring Imperial, and Steal Essence.

He has displayed sorcery in the following ways:

  • Mystical Blasts
  • Mystical Force-fields
  • Invoke Entities
  • Spell Casting
  • Summoning
  • Teleportation
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Mystical Ensnaring
  • Mystical Portals

Mind Transference: By training with an alien race, Doom has gained the ability to switch his mind with that of another nearby human being with whom he's made eye contact, a process which he learned from the alien Ovoids. However, Doom prefers his own body and only uses this transference power as a last resort.

Doom has also displayed mind control abilities by hypnotizing his victim.

Genius-level Intellect: Doctor Doom's most dangerous weapon is his genius-level intellect. He is easily one of the top mortal minds on the planet. Doom has constructed hundreds of devices, including a working time machine (the first of its kind on Earth), devices which can imbue people with superpowers, and many types of robots. His most frequently used robots are his "Doombots," exact mechanical replicas of the real Doctor Doom. They look like him, talk like him, and even act like him. Individually, Doombots have an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) so that each one believes itself to be the real Doom. As a safety measure, each Doombot has a dampener program that is triggered whenever the real Doom (or another Doombot) is nearby. These "body doubles" appear when Doom cannot be present or is unwilling to risk his own life, and are often responsible for Doom's return from certain death. Another common type of robot used is the Servo-Guard, the police force of Latveria. Doom specializes in physics, robotics, cybernetics, genetics, weapons technology, biochemistry, and time travel. He also has natural talents for leadership, strategy, politics, and manipulation.

Superhuman Strength: While in his armor, Doom can lift up to 2 tons.

Cosmic powers: Doctor Doom has been known to be in possession of a vast number of different cosmic devices. Some of these devices are the Makluan rings, the cosmic cube, and two Infinity Gauntlets. He also seems to know a lot about these devices.

Physical Description

  • Height: 6'2", 6'7" (Armored)
  • Weight: 225 lbs, 415 lbs (Armored)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown

Weapons and Equipment


Doom Armor
Doom Armor

Doom's armor contains many gadgets. His armor is on par with Iron Man Armor. Typically, his armor contains a strength augmentation apparatus, which allows him to bench up to nearly 100 tons, concealed waist-rockets, a concealed jet pack, twin nuclear power generators, a device to electrify the exterior of the suit, laser blasters in each gauntlet, a force field, protective visors, an air supply, and various kinds of sensors, such as infrared. However, Doom has also customized his armor at various times, to include such gadgets as boot-rockets, a gauntlet-concealed hypnosis device, etc. These are the various accessories and capabilities of his armor:

Enhanced Strength: Gives Dr. Doom the ability to lift (press) a couple of tons.

Durability: The armor is fashioned of a high-strength titanium alloy.

Video Communicator: Built into the right wrist is a video communicator, which he can use to stay in contact with his bases from any point on Earth.

Electric Shock: The outer surface of the armor can generate a massive electric shock on command. In Marvel Avengers Alliance, Dr. Doom is shown to generate an Arc Lightning ability similar to an electric shock.

Jet-packs: The typical suit of armor has twin jet-packs mounted at the waist, though other suits (or modifications of the original suit) contain a single jet-pack mounted on the back.

Concussive Blasts: Concussive bolts of force can be fired from the gauntlets and faceplate of the armor, though the mask only generates force blasts when it is not being worn.

Force-field: The suit's best defense is the force-field generated by the armor, which has a maximum radius of eight feet (and so can encompass others); Doom cannot attack without lowering his force-field.

Infrared Vision: Infrared scanners in the helmet allow the wearer to detect heat sources, permitting night vision and the ability to see invisible persons (unless they do not give off or can somehow mask their heat signature).

Recycling System: The armor is self-supporting, equipped with internal stores and recycling systems for air, food, water, and energy, allowing the wearer to survive lengthy periods of exposure underwater or in outer space.

Sensor Systems: Optical scanners in the helmet allow the helmet's eyepieces to be used as high-powered telescopes, and parabolic ear amplifiers fitted inside the helmet allow Doom to detect extremely faint sounds and unusual frequencies within the audible range for humans.

Solar Energy Absorption: A thermo-energizer allows the armor to absorb and store solar and heat energy, and use it to power the armor's other systems; this system can only be used while the force-field is deactivated.

Alternate Realities


Victor Von Doom in the Age of Apocalypse
Victor Von Doom in the Age of Apocalypse

In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Von Doom lived in Latveria in his castle until local mutants attacked and destroyed his home. His parents were slaughtered before him. He never forgot and finally inspired the human insurrection. Becoming the first target to Mikhail plans.

Doctor Doom is an agent of the Human High Council and Eurasian security director. He has facial scars as a result of the mutant uprising in his country, Latveria. With a bunch of humans (marvel heroes alternate versions) infiltrated Mikhail´s Mothership and then defeated the horseman. Finally the humans fleets escape of Apocalypse´s final attack.


In the 311 reality Doctor Doom is known as Count Otto Von Doom. He kept the Four of the Fantastick (this universe's version of the Fantastic Four) until they escaped when other heroes attacked Otto's castle and this is when Doom got his facial scars. He is affiliated with the Four Who Are Frightful (this universe's version of the Frightful Four).


Dr. Doom in Wolverine's Skeleton - Earth-691
Dr. Doom in Wolverine's Skeleton - Earth-691

After the Badoon invasion of Earth, Victor Von Doom had his brain transplanted in Wolverine`s Adamantium skeleton. Doom manipulated a series of events including orchestrating the Badoon and the Punishers to institute a mind control device called Realtiee-Vee, turning those who watched into addicts. After the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Commandeers destroyed one of the main broadcast facilities, Doom kidnapped Rancor and her fellow mutants to help him re-institute the machine.

After the deaths of hundreds of slaves and the continuing broadcast of RTV, Rancor turned on Doom. In the ensuing battle, Doom revealed that he was in possession of her ancestors skeleton, thus making him completely invulnerable. Rancor managed to destroy one of Doom's eyes and after the Guardians of the Galaxy (particularly Yellowjacket) intervened, Doom escaped, fearing he could lose his other eye and be incapacitated.


Doom 2099
Doom 2099

Doctor Doom of the year 2099. He nearly died in an accident but was saved, and toyed with, by a woman he once loved. She healed his injuries and facial scars and at the same time made him younger. However, she also fragmented his memory. After figuring everything out and battling a false Doctor Doom, Doom became president of the United States and made the abysmal year of 2099 a better place.


In this reality Doctor Doom became Sorcerer Supreme instead of Doctor Strange. Baron Mordo felt threatened by Doom and tried to kill him, however Doom placed a device in Mordo that would kill him if Doom ever died and he became Doom's servant. When Dr. Strange came to the Ancient One to fix his hands, he gave the task to Doom and said that his training would be complete. Doom removed Strange's hands and replaced them with mechanical ones, making Strange the greatest surgeon in the world. That wasn't what the Ancient One intended but Doom did the task never the less. Then the world was threatened by a demonic invasion, Doom died saving the world. However, he sent robots to place his memories in Strange's body.


Doctor Doom of the MC2 Universe has a similar history to the original. He was able to take the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer and also unleashed Terrax on the Fantastic Four, but was defeated. He was imprisoned by Namor deep in a trench in the Atlantic Ocean for a decade. Doom eventually escaped and immediately began his new plan of world domination, one he had thought of for ten years.

Upon his escape, he learned that the Fantastic Four were now the Fantastic Five. But this did not deter him and he made an army of Doombots, all with the Power Cosmic. He was able to defeat the Fantastic Five and capture them. He also left their children in space to die, a choice he made Mr. Fantastic make. But the children, led by Franklin Richards escaped. Soon, so did the members of the Fantastic Five.

Doom challenged Reed to use a device he created known as the Infinity Device. It would determine who had the greater intelligence and the losers mind would be transported to the Crossroads of Infinity. Reed accepted the challenge and through the machine, they were able to delve deep into each others thoughts. In the end, both Reed and Doom were comatose, bodies still alive but with no mind. It is unknown if they were too evenly matched or if Reed sacrificed himself to try and save Doom.


The Exiles fought off an attack from Atlantis to aid Doctor Doom against Namor.


In this reality, Doom is a superhero and leads his own superhero team.

Ultimate Doom
Ultimate Doom


In the Ultimate Universe Doctor Doom is known as Victor Van Damme and he is descended from Vlad Tepes Dracula. He was the one who sabotaged the teleporter going to The Negative Zone. The accident that gave the Fantastic Four also gave him powers. In Latveria, he turned it from a third world country into one of the richest countries of the world. Doom in this universe has actual powers: he can make porcupine-like needles and fling them at his enemies, and he can convert his innards into a toxic gas. The toxic gas is so deadly that victims break their backs in the final convulsions. His people revere him as a savior and as "The Good doctor". Briefly, Victor and Reed switch bodies, but Reed was able to return to his own body just in time to fight and defeat the Zombie Fantastic Four. The Zombie Fantastic Four were teleported back to their universe along with Victor, who sacrificed himself to get the zombies into the teleporter. He just wanted to be remembered as the one who saved the world, but Reed and the others did not acknowledge his request and they were subsequently recognized as the ones that saved the world. Although it was never explained Doom manages to return to the ultimate universe and makes a deal with Nick Fury to hot wire one of Reed Richard's probes that were being sent out across the N-zone to find a cure for The Things mutation. After the heroes travel to the Supreme Power universe to rescue Reed from the Squadron Supreme, Doom is shown to have traveled in secret with Nick Fury to the Supreme Power universe where he betrays Fury and begins to fight the heroes of both universes. After Iron Man is defeated Doom finds himself against the Thing who eventually defeats him reveling him to be a Doom Bot instead. Doom then appears at the end of "Ultimates 3", taking responsibility for Ultron's actions mainly the killing of Scarlet Witch. This would later cause Magneto to descend into a fit of madness after the death of both his children causes the the event that became known as Ultimatum. Doom leaves his castle to find the people of Latveria frozen to death, this forces him to recruit Reed and Zarda to bring Fury back from the supreme universe; but before doing so reveals his part in causing the event. After Magneto is killed and earths axis restored, Reed Richards sends the Thing to Latveria to make Doom pay for his crimes. When he arrives, Doom is holding Namor prisoner. Doom goes to confront the Thing but is killed easily when the Thing crushes Dooms head with his bare hands.

Marvel Zombies
Marvel Zombies


Marvel Zombies Doctor Doom is one of the last remaining survivors of the zombie plague. He barricaded his castle and had harbored human survivors in his plan to repopulate the earth once the zombies super-beings were gotten rid of. He allowed Ash Williams, Dazzler and Scarlet Witch refuge. Doom was forced to kill Dazzler when she got bitten by an infected Enchantress.

When the zombies begin to lay siege on his castle, he built a make-shift dimensional transporter for the human refugees to escape in and even offered to teleport Ash into any reality he wished, to allow him to get his ultimate revenge on Reed Richards. Doom himself didn't want to escape because he was already infected. He was even tempted to bite Ash, but resisted his urges. When Ash left, he destroyed the teleporter and was trapped with the other zombies. He was later seen as one of the other zombie super-beings attacking Galactus, ready to devour him. He was killed by the cosmic-powered zombies.


Marvel Mangaverse - In this Reality, Doctor Doom is female and is Black Panther's sister T'Channa.


In this reality, Doctor Doom is turned into an anthropomorphic duck named Ducktor Doom and is the arch nemesis of Spider-Ham.


In this reality where King Arthur is ruler in the year 2093, Dr. Doom made himself into a cyborg to increase his lifespan. He was ultimately killed by his Earth-616 version.


In this reality where the Secret War never ended, Victor Von Doom and Enchantress had a son called Malefactor. Malefactor attempted to kill his father and restart the Secret War with the children of all the heroes and villains, however he was defeated and Doctor Doom revealed what happens to those that threaten his life.

House of M Doom
House of M Doom


In the House of M reality Doctor Doom, who created a Liquid Metal he could use as a body armor, is leader of the Fearsome Four which consists of himself, Invincible Woman ( Valeria Von Doom), Inhuman Torch ( Kristoff Vernard) and The It ( Thing). Doom aids Magneto as an ally in the Human-Mutant war. The Fearsome Four are used as a strike force by Magneto to control the other super humans. However, he did not help Magneto in the final battle because he disappeared in the middle of the battle to search for his mother, who was kidnapped by The It.

Earth 187319

A reality were Doom was the leader of the Four Fantastics ( Hulk, Sue, Johnny, and himself), and had altered the human race to make the world a Utopia. Reed Richards (who was that earths mole man) defeated Doom with the help of the Exiles, then destroyed the earth because he couldn't return humanity to the way they were supposed to be.

Challengers of Doom

In an alternate reality, Doom is the leader of a superhero group similar to the Fantastic Four known as the Challengers of Doom. As leader of the team, Doom defends the United States against Russia in a type of Cold War. This reality was destroyed by Galactus due to Doom's mistrust of the Russians.

Death Wish

Death Wish
Death Wish

When Deadpool was shunted into an alternate reality, he met and quickly befriended a green-clad version of himself, and they caused alot of mischief. They were attacked by Death Mask whom was angry at Death Wish for goofing off and not carrying out his assignment, prompting him to kill Death Wish to the great anger of Deadpool. It would be discovered that Death Wish was actually an insane Victor von Doom.

Other Media

Video Games

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Doom was an playable character in the arcade game

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Doom in Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Doom in Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Dr. Doom was the main villain in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. He formed the Masters of Evil team; he was the leader along with Loki, Ultron, Enchantress, and Baron Mordo. His first plan was to attack the SHIELD helicarrier so he can use that as an distraction to get to the Omega Base to steal the mutant amplifier and the super soldier serum. Next, he goes to Atlantis to make an deal with Attuma to get an item for aid to help Attuma to become King of Atlantis. His next part of his plan was to kidnap two X-men Nightcrawler and Jean Grey so that he can use Nightcrawler to use the mutant amplifier to create portals to Mephisto Realm so they can get the Twilight Sword from Mephisto so they can use all of the items he stolen to bring down Asgard and Doom can steal Odin's powers.

Then when Doom has his powers, the universe would be destroyed because of Doom's misuse of power. The heroes have to get the crystal from the Shi'ar empire and the ultimate Nullifier from Galactus so they can use the items to steal Doom's powers. When they succeeded, Doom becomes a prisoner of Odin and the universe is saved.

Doom in MUA
Doom in MUA

Doom was later made a playable character in the Xbox 360 version of the game through Downloadable Content, which was then added to a special Gold Edition. There is an achievement for Dr. Doom talking to himself during the final boss fight.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Doctor Doom is a playable character in the game for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Dr. Doom appears as a playable character and one of the main villains in Lego Marvel Superheroes. The game starts off with Doom stealing cosmic bricks from the Silver Surfer in order to make a "Doom ray". He hires villains like Loki, Magneto, Sandman, Green Goblin and Venom to help him fight the heroes. When Dr. Doom is defeated, it is revealed that Loki is truly behind the plan.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Doctor Doom was the main antagonist of Season 1 of the social media turn-based MMORPG, as of December 25th, 2013, he was added to the playable roster through "Impending Lockboxes" using Doctor Doom in the game does come at a price though, as no hero or ex-villain will team up with him.


Fantastic Four

Live action Dr. Doom
Live action Dr. Doom

Doctor Doom, played by Julian McMahon, is the central antagonist of the 2005 Fantastic Four film. Doom is portrayed as a scientific and romantic rival to Reed Richards, and is involved with Sue Storm. After the accident which douses the Fantastic 4 in cosmic rays, Doom; being on board the shuttle at the time, is also affected. Doom's skin mutates into a form of organic alloy, and he is also able to conduct and project electrical energy from his hands. After trying unsuccessfully to kill Reed Richards and the Fantastic 4, Doom is ultimately rendered immobile after a combination of super heating (via Johnny's supernova) and super-cooling through the use of a torrent of water.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Doom returns in the Rise Of The Surfer film. He was alive at Latveria, and wanted to team up with the Silver Surfer at first but he refused and ambushed Doom. He decided to team up with the Fantastic Four so the can get the powers of the Surfer which come from his board. When he got the board, he was flying around until the FF finally stopped him by using the Johnny's problem when he was confronted by the surfer which gave him the powers to switch the powers of others. Johnny got all of the powers of the FF and got Doom separated from the board, and then went sinking into the ocean.

The Fantastic Four

Toby Kebbell as Doom
Toby Kebbell as Doom

British actor Toby Kebbell will portray Doctor Doom in the 2015 reboot The Fantastic Four. This version of the character is named Victor Domashev.


Various animated depictions of Doctor Doom
Various animated depictions of Doctor Doom

As one of the most iconic villains in the Marvel Universe, Doctor Doom has been depicted in numerous TV shows and voiced by a multitude of actors. These include:


The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

In Season 2, Episode 1 Dr. Doom is seen being briefed on each individual member of the current roster of the Avengers in regards to their capabilities and the threat level each possesses. After being briefed, Dr. Doom proceeds to give the command to attack them and to destroy them if they show opposition.

A few moments later it's shown that while several members of the Avengers and the Fantastic 4 are in the Avengers Mansion playing poker and relaxing that Doom is monitoring them from outside the mansion via one of his doom-bots. He is also monitoring Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic in the Baxter Building also via one of his doom-bots. He then give a command that causes a large explosion at both facilities.

Shortly afterwards both facilities are attacked by many of Doom's robots. The Avengers and the Fantastic 4 are quick to engage them and destroy quite a few but during the attack, Wasp and Sue Storm are kidnapped by one of Doom's henchmen and are taken to Latveria.

The heroes devise a plan to invade Latveria and rescue Sue and Jan (Wasp). They break into Doom's fortress and begin battling his super-bots and gain the upper hand. They finally confront Doom and demand him to surrender. He refuses and single-handedly fends off the entire Avengers and Fantastic 4 with little difficulty and ultimately releases the hostages and lets them leave. But it is unclear as to why Doom kidnapped them in the first place and let them go. However it's seen at the end that it has something to do with Doom experimenting with Skrull technology.

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