why is he following the hood?

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can someone answer that?

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This isn't very specific >_>

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The answer is that he get's paid.

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That's a pretty weak answer when you take into account this guy's accomplishments and potential. He's a genius who had his own team at one point. Screw that. He created his own ISLAND at one point. I can't imagine someone of his character submitting to a gun-toting criminal who wears a hood and can turn invisible (granted he is possessed by Dormammu, but Doctor Demonicus did not know that when he joined). It's hard to believe. He could easily be out doing his own thing in what could be some really good stories. His plots and ideas have always been grand in scale. I've always imagined Doctor Demonicus as a man out for power as opposed to money. Money just seems to base for him to join a group of thugs over, even if he does inhabit the D-List of supervillains.

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He controlled Godzilla for crying out loud. Yeah Loki controlled Hulk. BUT HE CONTROLLED THE KING OF THE MONSTERS.

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