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The current Sorcerer Supreme but the true identity of Doc Magus is unknown. He is believed to be in his late teens or early twenties and only known by the name: Dormagus. With Dr. Strange consider no longer suitable as the Sorcerer Supreme, a young sorcerer was given the mantle. Armed with a quick wit and sense of humor and being very friendly with other protectors. Doc Magus helped the Avenger known as J2 in helping finding his father, Cain Marko, from the evil demon known as Nemesus who tried to harness the power of the Juggernaut. The demon was defeated and J2 was reunited with his lost father. Doc Magus continued to be an ally with J2 and the Avengers, though certain members did not like Magus' ways. Most recently, Dormagus was called to help J2 and Spider-Girl fight an invasion of Darkling's that were part of an invasion by Nemesus. The heroes defeated Nemesus and collapsed his dimension so he could no longer invade Earth that way again. Currently, Doc Magus continues to protect the Earth realm.

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