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This is a fantastic series, of course it is a Vertigo title so what do you expect. To start off with I have to say the art is amazing, Riccardo Burchielli and Brian Wood do a brilliant job of giving the book a gritty urban look it almost looks Banksyish in places and that suits the story down to a t. 
   In the near future America has split in two, one half  is the USA the other calling it's self the FSA or the Free States of America and caught inbetween is the island of  Manhattan the "DMZ". Clearly DMZ takes its influences from modern conflicts around the world, especially the middle-east with insurgents, car bombs and snipers galore. If you took the game Homefront and the films Children Of Men and  District 13  then stuck it in a blender this book would pop out. If you like your comics gritty, urban and a little bit political then pick this up ASAP.    

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