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DJ's birthplace and past is unknown. He was a member of the Paragons squad in Xavier's institute. He had black hair, earlier in the series, his hair was longer but later was usually gelled with his fringe up. 
His powers were never really explored as we saw little action from the Paragons. Mark was very flirtatious and said that his favorite things thing is girls... all kinds of girls.


DJ was one of the many students depowered after M-day. He, and Preview were the only one of the Paragons that were depowered, however, Preview did not board the bus. 
Unfortunately, DJ was killed on the bus which William Stryker's Purifiers blew up. When X-23 heard someone shouting "Help me!" she followed the voice. She found an-almost-dead Mark, with blood all over his mouth and abdomen. Elixir was unable to heal him and DJ passed away.  


Prior to his depowering by the decimation of mutants, DJ could gain different powers by listening to different types of music. For example, classical music allowed him to generate force fields, rock music created destructive energy blasts, dance music allowed him to manipulate light. Gospel music gives him the ability of flight. He carried an MP3 player around with him, even when he was depowered.

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