Would Dick Grayson make a better Batman?

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From what I seen honestly I doubt it but I would like to here others opinions so maybe my mind can change on why?

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He would work more with the cops and other superheros. That is the only way I can see him being a better Batman.

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Nobody beats Christian Bale as Batman, not even Dick Grayson

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I feel like the whole Dick Grayson being Batman thing is kind of moot, seeing as we've just recently enjoyed bucketfuls of Grayson-as-Batman stories prior to the New 52. I'd rather see the character Nightwing get more exposure.

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That really depends on how you think Batman would be "better." I figure Bruce Wayne would be more formidable and determined, and, as Robin said in Young Justice, driven to succeed at all costs. If you think that Batman would be better served to lighten up or even be generally more empathetic, then sure, Grayson could be a better Batman. Personally, I'd say: No, Grayson would not be a better batman. But he'd still be a damned good one.

Honestly, though, I don't think we'll ever see a point where Bruce Wayne is not Batman for the long run. It will change for short bursts, but no one else will really take up the mantle. With that in mind, I'd much prefer that they just elevate Nightwing to be closer to an equal to Batman and let them be separate.

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In order to elevate Dick to the big leads I believe he needs to shuck the Nightwing identity as it's more of a transitory one...a rejection of the Robin persona. Dick should come back to his roots, reclaim the mantle of Red Robin, Cowl and cape included, have is own UQ in the Bunker and take Damian as his side-kick. He'll never be in the big leagues if he's just a 21 year old kid who leaves his duds on the floor and acts like a glorified side-kick to bats. I think the prestige of the Red Robin, coupled with the maturity he showed as Batman would finally allow him to break out. I argue this better here.

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Get thee behind me Satan! :P

I want to stand by your cause sooo bad but doing so might just go against everything I believe in. At the end of the day Nightwing is his own man. He's well adjusted and has always possessed the tools to overcome adversity. Age shouldn't play a factor for him. I want to say if it ever got to the point where Bruce retired indefinitely, the reigns would be passed down to Tim or Damian. By then Gotham will have embraced Nightwing as one of their own.

Dick already does a masterful job of promoting himself even when it's not deliberate, and what he's doing is making a small investment. Neither other Robin brings the type of exposure Dick can among the media, law enforcement and common folks. These are important intangibles that help cement him as a true power player when it comes to determining who the genuine protector of Gotham is. There's a reason he is heir to the throne. It's also important to remember, Bruce always felt Dick Grayson was 'better' than Batman, and Bruce is never wrong. Or so I'm led to believe. I do wish we'd have spent a longer time getting to know Dickbats.. *sigh* but I digress. c'est la vie friend.( I certainly won't complain if he's reluctantly thrown in the role for whatever reason)

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Just like when we talk about him surpassing Bruce as a crime fighter/hero, what exactly does it mean to be a "better" Batman?

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Bruce Wayne is Batman nobody take good job like him 
Dick Grayson first robin and nightwing and nobody take this better like him... Different style, different persons.. Same past and same dreams but No one even Dick Grayson better than Brucy... 
But who the one person of closing to Bruce..That is Dick ;) ... He is good he is so cool.. as nightwing not batman...Batman is different statue.. 

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