who will be the Earth 2 Batman?

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Poll: who will be the Earth 2 Batman? (13 votes)

Dick Grayson 69%
Tim Drake 0%
Jason Todd 0%
Damian Wayne 15%
Bruce Wayne jr 15%
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I prefer to see both Bruce Wayne Junior and Clark Kent Junior on earth 2.

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do you think that the death of Damian will effect the outcome of who the new Earth 2 Batman? every logical bone in my body says it will be Dick because he is established in Earth 2 previously. however DC has already stolen so many things from Dick and this could just be one more. it could be Damian because alot of people like him and its a way to hold onto the character with him being dead but who knows. I really want it to be Dick but if the rumors are true that he is gonna be in the re-launch of JLI. They might give Earth 2 to another Bat family character. I would love to see Dick in Nightwing, JLI and Earth 2 but who knows DC has been screwing Dick over alot in the new 52 but Dick has also gained popularity in Teen Titans (animated) YJ, Gods Among Us, etc

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Gut instinct tells me it will be Damian. DC have angered a lot of people by killing Damian in the mainstream continuity, they will likely make him Earth 2 Batman as a means of softening the blow.

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@luigibat: I agree that they could make it Damian for that sole reason. However Damian's back story would have to be dramatically different and his mother would be different. it just seems you would have to intro a lot of things to make it Damian like the league of assassins, Thalia, etc. just to have someone even resemble Damian. Not saying that they couldn't have a dramatically different back story like making him Bruce's brother or nephew or something. which is not impossible because what we saw of the Earth 2 Bruce was dramatically different. not to mention the other factors like Earth 2 making it pretty clear that Helena was the only Robin, so who would have Damian been before bruce's death?

In my very biased opinion Dick just makes more sense. for a a lot of reasons

1. DC is a company out to make $, Dick is simply more popular then any of the other candidates and thus more people would buy it.

2. Dick Grayson is an established Earth 2 character and was a fundamental one at that

3. Robinson has expressed the desire to write Dick Grayson as Batman again.

4. Dick Grayson could be easily introduced just by saying he was never Robin but always Nightwing and now has become Batman.

5. it provides Helena Wayne a love interest as it did in the past

6. The bulky body in the picture is very similar to the body of Earth 2 Dick Grayson

7. Dick Grayson is the only person in that bat family that has a record of being drastically popular as Batman in recent memory

8. the costume with the two spikes on the gauntlet resemble Dick Grayson's batman suit

9. Earth 2 has been really struggling to have a leader i.e. GL and Hawkgirl fighting. If Dick was a superhero before they others got their powers and has experience its makes sense while the others would follow him. plus Dick is a natural leader

10. the final and biggest reason. It doesn't really matter which former Robin you want or which one is your favorite to acknowledge the order goes Bruce then Dick. it is a simple acceptance of the natural order. while all other candidates people would hope or like to see, at the bottom of every selection their is still an idea that it should be Dick. Most peoples idea is i would love to see be Damian or Tim or Jason but if it is Dick i would understand and it should be him. On the flip side Nightwing fans need it to be Dick. He was robbed of so many things like TT, his close friends, etc. Nightwing fans need this one to give something to dick grayson, your right a lot of people were pissed about Damian but by the end of May when this title is released they will have accepted he is gone. while making the new Batman anyone other then Dick would drastically piss Nightwing fans and pissing off two sets of fans isnt a good idea. I have read a lot of the comments and only Dick Grayson fans seem to get upset if its not him.

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Earth-2 Batman's started making some appearances, anyone have any more guesses on who he might be? From what i've seen i'm still not able to make a solid guess myself.

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