What Team Are You . Team NightWing Or Team Batman

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Team Nightwing is the ones who  want dick to be Nightwing

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Team Nightwing
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If I had to pick, I'd say team Nightwing

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Team BATMAN!!! (It sounds cooler too.)

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I absolutely loved Dick as Batman.  He has had great character development over the last few years which has been a joy to watch.  Despite this I have no real objection to him going back to Nightwing as long as they treat it more like him making an independent name for himself rather than a demotion after being Batman.  As long as Dick Grayson is written the correct way and continues to become the hero he has the potential to be then I don't really care if he does it as Batman or Nightwing.

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@coolbeans: Cool beans, mister. XD
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A wise Babs once said "Is thinking Dick Grayson is Diet Batman." or something like that. The point is, She called him Diet Batman, And that's what he was. He needs to stay Nightwing.

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team dick grayson. doesnt matter what mantle he takes up so long as he continues to be him ill follow

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Nightwing, but i liked him more than bruce as batman.

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Grayson was pretty good as Batman, but ultimately he is Nightwing. I wish they gave Nightwing a more prominent role in the DC universe and I also hope at some point in some run Batman and Nightwing work together full time as a Batman and Robin type duo.

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@Telcalipoca said:
team dick grayson. doesnt matter what mantle he takes up so long as he continues to be him ill follow
I agree as long as he is around  I will read his comic
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Team Nightwing!

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Team Nightwing, too bad his book count has dropped to one measly title 
(Makes you wonder how many appearances he'll make on B&R)

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Team Nightwing.

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It's hard to say. The past 6 months I've returned to my love of comics after a long hiatus, and so much has changed. I've been playing catch up for about seven years worth of stories. I still have Nightwing #1 and remember how awesome it was to see a Robin character evolve into something new. And, after reading through the books that lead to Grayson becoming Batman, it was again, fantastic to see this character we've followed undergo some real progression. With that said, I can't say I'm disappointed to see Grayson return to Nightwing. Yes, it is three steps back to two forward, but I don't necessarily view it as a bad thing. With me missing so much, I am excited to see Bruce come back. I am interested to see the dynamic between Bruce and Damian.
I know, I didn't give an answer, but I don't have one. If Grayson stayed Batman I would have been OK with that, and would look forward to it. With Grayson returning to Nightwing and Bruce becoming Batman, I still have much to look forward to.
Here's to hoping that it leads to good stories, whatever happens.

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Team Nightwing. Dick as Batman was fun, but he's always been Nightwing to me, even when he was wearing the Batman suit.

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dick grayson aint batman . he sucks as the dark knight. As nightwing, hes his own man, so NIGHTWING

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Team Nightwing

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Now that he's got some respect as Batman, my hope is he can finally bring some respect to Nightwing as a solo act. At least as much as Wally had as a fully established Flash. So I guess I'm on Team Nightwing even though I loved him as batman.

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Thing is. No matter if he calls himself Robin, Nightwing, Renegade, The Target, Batman,etc.  Dick is still Dick under his mask.  
And I couldn't agree more with Nicieza 

What do you think will be lasting affect of Dick Grayson’s run as Batman on the DCU? Or will there be one?

I don't think you can predict history. Come back and ask me in 10 years!

As a fan of the character for over 40 years, I am very happy with how his role as Batman has elevated his status in the DCU--and I mean that across the board, both in the world of fiction and in reality.

I think many editors, writers and readers now see him a little differently than they might have before, and learned a lot about the character that they might not have previously considered. I also think many DCU characters see him in a new light, whereas other characters who knew him well only gained a reaffirmation of what they knew all along--that Dick is the coolest cat in town!

How do you feel Dick was viewed before his Batman run?

As the "sidekick in green shorts and pixie boots" by many readers, creators and editors. Now the smarter ones have joined the club. The club being officially called, "The Club Of Those Of Us Who Got A Clue A Long, Long Time Ago."

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Can I be both?

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I'm with team Batdick

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I object to the Twilight-esque use of team on the bat heroes, but Dick belongs as Nightwing and doing stuff on his own.  He earned it.  

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The only reason people say they want him as Nightwing is because they think he's "cooler" or he's "cute" or some stupid reasons like that. None of those are valid points to complain about. I like them equally but it would  be stupid for him to go back to being Nightwing. It's pointless.

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Team Nightwing.

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nightwing,but i haven't read him as batman....yet.

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@Foolkiller said:

Nightwing, but i liked him more than bruce as batman.
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Team Batman because he has proven time and time again that he can do things on his own

PS he has gotten hooked up a few times with hot heroes

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Team Nightwing

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Eh, I identify him as Nightwing in my head, but I do see him becoming Batman eventually, and moving on from the NIghtwing name so i'm not really sure where that puts me. I think as NIghtwing though he's just as great a hero as Batman is, so let's just say Nightwing.

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Team Batman while I like him as Nightwing he made an amazing Dark Knight and proved to fill Bruce's boots well and beyond. Kind of how Wally was when he took up Barry's mantle of Flash. He made an incredible Dynamic Duo with Damian and he deserves to have a high position as leader of the JL. Plus he's the oldest of the boys and has been called Bruce's prodigal son many times if anyone should continue the legacy it's him

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