what should a NW New 52 team be called?

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@ritchieb said:


sounds good to me. I wish someone in DC would just read this and be like "deal. we start next month"

I just hope Terra is not a traitor again. I really liked her character especially in the teen titans animated series, it sucked when she turned traitor.

If only DC/Marvel listened to their fans more...

And agreed. Terra being a traitor brought very interesting character depth but it has been done before. The New 52 is a good chance for try new things with characters like her.

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@ritchieb said:


that's a good idea to. It would also be interesting to see Nightwing deal with Damian's death and having Billy as a new little brother. because Dick hasn't really dealt with it he was grieving at first but then got so caught up in Chicago that he hasn't really dealt with it. It would also give an interesting dynamic because Dick would likely be fiercely protective of Billy because Damien died when he was there but it would be weird because Billy is more powerful in terms of brute strength then Dick will ever be.

Exactly, whereas with Bruce you have Damian's death now being a main storypoint that keeps popping up in different stages of grief and anguish, Dick seems to have kind of just pushed it aside and focused on Chicago and Zucco. Not that it can't be confronted in his main book, but it can also be confronted in a team book as well, with the various other members offering support.

Captain Marvel's a character that i've always felt could do with some type of mentor figure, and now more than ever as Billy Batson isn't really as...perfect and good as he was Pre-Flashpoint. There's room for more flaws and a little more modern realization in the character. He's insanely powerful, but still just a young boy and I think that's something Dick can help him with. Damian after all was insanely skilled, but very young and broken on the inside. Under Dick's wing he flourished. I think Dick and Billy would be a good match for each other, fill important roles on a team, and open the way for an interesting team-up that we've never really seen before, but still harkens back to that classic Superman/Batman duo.

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yea hopefully they will try something new. I still remember the episode where Terra turned traitor in Teen Titans animated, damn near ripped poor lil Beast Boy apart. but like you said its been done before.


agreed. It could be good for Dick to get support of his team to work through that.

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I definitely think he should recreate the Outsiders for the DCNU


Supergirl (hesitantly joining because Nightwing becomes one of her first Human friends (in my head) and He helps her deal with her new life and help her acclimate to Earth)

John Stewart - Would be his second in command. Knows Nightwings experience and leadership capabilities

Tempest - an old friend coming to Nightwings call (helps reestablish that they hada group when they were younger)

Geo-Force - A hot head that just wants to make his family name good again (Family had ties to the KBG)

Other Possible Members to consider

Roy Harper- as Arsenal I would bring him on for more background and i would want another normal human being on the team

Cheshire - It would be good to have a deadly assassin on the team and another chick. she would join the team with her own goals in mind (similar to cat woman)

Black Canary - a more human character, serious and deadly if needed but not wanting to kill. Again would be nice to have more than one female on the team

Cassandra Cain - Another Assassin type and woman with ties to Deathstroke, League of Assassins, Lady Shiva and the Bat family. I would keep her whole history in tact

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Other Possible members to add to a new team








Rose Wilson

Speedy (if you dont want Roy Harper on the team) or Arrowette



Yes they are all girls bc my team only had one girl on it and i thought it should have another

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I actually wouldn't mind seeing Dick lead a new version of the Outsiders, but the dynamic would have to be changed. More similar to what they originally were when Batman founded them, instead of the dark team they've become in recent years, as I feel that spot's now filled by Jason and the Outlaws.

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