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I think it would be cool if they had a live action TV series for Dick Grayson/Robin. The whole series would follow the story of Dick Grayson when he is 13 to when he becomes NightWing. The episodes could be like an hour long. The 1st episode could start off with Dick and his parents in a traveling circus. We get to know Dick's parents a little more then we learn the next city they are going to is Gotham City, and comments of Batman are brought up. Then we cut to a scene of Bruce leaving to go to the circus. When Bruce is there he talks to the Grayson's before they perform. Later we see Tony Zucco and him causing Dick's parents to fall to their death. Bruce sees himself in Dick and feels sorry for him so he takes him in. Bruce tells Dick the story of his parents and we see a connection between them. Dick wants revenge and sneaks out to find Zucco, Batman finds Dick and takes him back to the cave and Dick is told the whole truth that Bruce is Batman. Dick then tells Bruce to train him and the ending of the 1st episode would be Dick in full Robin costume. The whole 1st season could be Robin with Batman. I don't know how many seasons it would be but, Robin would leave Batman and team up and become the leader of the Teen Titans. Their could be more seasons about Dick Grayson and his story but the series finale I think could be him becoming NightWing. I'd also like to see the same actor as Robin through the entire series and since it would start when he is 13 I think the series run for 7 seasons. That would make Dick Grayson around 20 when he becomes NightWing in the series finale. I don't know how popular this TV series would be, so could you guys please let me know what you think and if you would watch it.

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It would better just to do a nightwing tv show

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It would better just to do a nightwing tv show

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Nightwing show would be much better for highlighting the character. As Robin, he has and always will be considered as second-rate due to the overwhelming presence of Batman. The whole progression from zero to hero worked for a show like Smallville since Superman was nobody's sidekick even in his youth. He was always the alpha male. In Arrow, the protagonist is the alpha male. Nobody is really going to watch a Robin show except for Dick Grayson fans. The unknowing public needs to be exposed to a grown up Dick Grayson who's leaving his mentor and team, trying to figure out how to fight crime in an entire city by himself. If he gets in trouble, there's no Batman to swoop in to save him. No teammates to help him out against meta villains. That's why I think a Nightwing show would be much better in generating viewership as well as maintaining it.

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@alak: I agree with everything. A Nightwing show would be better.

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@lenger01: Do you prefer live action or are you just not a fan of DC's animated projects? I agree a Robin show would work well but it would have to be formatted in a way that was fan friendly for viewers who you'd need to be plugged to the series for all 7 seasons(i.e kids that are going to grow up with the series) and link it to DC's expanded universe. Maybe throw it on a Sat AM block on a Nickelodeon or CW's Vortex line-up and see how it performs. (Fk you cartoon network.) Promote the hell out of it and convince people Robin isn't a complete tool. It's got contend with the likes of Power Rangers:Megaforce and Justice League Unlimited/DBZ after all. They've got to absolutely kill it if they hope to match the success of Smallville.

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@smoothjammin: I'm a huge fan of DC's animated projects, but I just think it would be interesting to see Robin/Dick Grayson in his own live action series because we haven't seen a GOOD live action Robin at all and I don't think the general audience knows Robin/Dick Grayson well enough and a TV series is just what he needs to get some fans.

@alak: Maybe their can be a NightWing spin-off after a Robin series, but I truly believe Robin should come first just so the GA can get to know the character and why he became NightWing. I think a series where Robin is progressing would be more interesting to watch because we won't know if he will succeed or not and that is what will make it interesting.The alpha male of the Teen Titans is Robin, so what ever season Dick Grayson becomes a Titan that is when he will be seen as the alpha male.

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The thing to remember here, is that even Smallville, a very successful show, still looked pretty friggin' stupid sometimes.

that being said, I could get behind Grayson live action show on the CW. I think it would have a wider audience and thus better exposure than an animated show (though, having both at the same time wouldn't break my heart). I'd even be alright with this centered around his years as Robin, so long as Batman doesn't feature prominently in the action, allowing for maybe 5 episodes a season with Batman & Robin both on patrol. Action wise, I'd prefer to see it be more solo adventures. With the right supporting cast, leaning both on DC characters and original creations, I'd say that this could be a hit. Grayson has the personality that could anchor this show. I think it would have potential to be more fun than Smallville or Arrow. And I wouldn't waste time getting to the Titans era. Maybe season 2 or 3.

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The problem with having Dick lead the TT on television is that you would no longer have a Dick Grayson show. You'll just have a live action Teen Titans show. The cartoon version had Dick as the alpha male (consistently had better showings than the other characters), but since it's a team-based show, the creators would still have to spend time focusing on each cast member. If we're talking about having a Dick Grayson show, then we need something that puts him on the center stage with everyone else as an accessory character. The only way that will happen is if he's running solo as Nightwing. Now, perhaps you could start off with the Year One storyline when he starts off as Robin in the first episode, but graduates to Nightwing in the next and continues to fight solo as Nightwing. All the TT and Robin stories could just be alluded to in flashbacks. However, the main premise has to focus on Dick.

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@dernman said:

@jayskee said:

It would better just to do a nightwing tv show

@alak said:

Nightwing show would be much better for highlighting the character.

I agree with everything. A Nightwing show would be better.

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@alak: I actually really like the idea of a NightWing show having flashbacks of TT and Batman. I also do think you made a very good point when you said, "You'll just have a live action Teen Titans show", but I think if the main focus is on Dick Grayson it can work. Their isn't going to be an episode mainly about Terra and Beast-boy or Raven and Beast-boy, or Cyborg, or StarFire or anybody else. It's all going to focus on Dick Grayson/Robin. Now, I'm not saying that we won't get to know the characters, I'm saying we will get to know them through Dick's eyes, the way Dick sees them. Maybe Dick should only be with the Titans for one season? I just really want to see Robin grow up into NightWing. Is that too much to ask?

@dropkickjake: I agree with you that Robin should have more solo adventures, I think Dick Grayson should go on his own adventures when he is with Batman because he is trying to prove to Batman that he is more than just a sidekick. When he is on patrol with Batman though he doesn't try to be a sidekick he acts like a partner and even saves Batman's life at times. And yes, Season 2 and/or 3 will be the Titans era.

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@alak I disagree about it being a TT show if the TT are involved. They shouldn't be in every episode of Dick Grayson show just like Batman shouldn't.

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