Kyle Higgins on Fat Man on Batman!

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Just wanted to spread the word that Kyle Higgins (the current writer of Nightwing) is this and next week's special guest on Fat Man on Batman. This weeks interview revolved mostly about Kyle Higgins' backstory with a few cool insights into his Death of the Family, John Blake in the DKR and even a little about Nightwing issue #17 (don't worry, nothing too much is revealed). Next week, the interview will focus more on Gates of Gotham and Kyle's Nightwing run and just a flat out discussion of Dick Grayson.

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I heard it this morning. Really great stuff here

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@Nightwing_Beyond: Thanks for the heads-up

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I checked out Higgins' short film The League after listening to this - definitely worth the $3 on iTunes. I can't wait for Part 2 of this interview next week!

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