Batman #700 storyline??

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With Grant Morrison returning to the Batman title with  #700 there are three stories with three artists (Daniel, Kubert and Quitley) covering three batman (Bruce, Dick and Damian) ANYWAY......... Are these stories just random ones out of continuity or are they elseworld stories like Batman #666? Does the story covering Dick continue Tony Daniels current run on the Batman title?

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Tony daniels book is a current batman story line. They are just waiting to get to Batman #700 to connect the pieces. Batman and robin reached #10 already, this is where they start connecting Batman and robin comic to Batman comics 

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I wonder how its all gonna match up. Morrison has stated that he's gonna do about 16 'Batman and Robin' then you have the normal 'Batman' title on going and then you have 'The return of Bruce Wayne' miniseries coming up. It will be interesting to see how it ALL unfolds.

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I wanna see what they wrote for the Damian Batman- thats one badass Batman. As for the stories connecting-we have DC pull an Ace outta of their sleeves like always.

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