Ask, and Ye Shall Receive...Answers: Episode 27

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Posted by gmanfromheck (42010 posts) - - Show Bio
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#1 Posted by hunterscarlet (74 posts) - - Show Bio

I was Deathstroke! But now.. I guess not any more!

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#2 Posted by THEBATFoE (112 posts) - - Show Bio

I see only one problem with the new order: What if its a question I don't particularly care for? You should do two per video, however NIGHTWING is the only character I love as much as BATMAN so I think this was a great topic, and even greater video, Great job!

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#3 Posted by THEBATFoE (112 posts) - - Show Bio

@hunterscarlet: This is true...

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#4 Posted by MrShway88 (721 posts) - - Show Bio

I think to give Nightwing an arch nemesis we must first decide what Dick stands for.

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#5 Posted by gmanfromheck (42010 posts) - - Show Bio

@THEBATFoE: I hear ya. But I'm already stretching myself thin doing the second podcast, this video and trying out the daily YouTube only videos along with writing articles.

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#6 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

I always figured Slade Wilson was Dick's archnemesis due to his Teen Titans years. That's just my opinion though, and in all honesty with the New 52 I guess that's not so much true anymore.

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#7 Posted by Munsu (166 posts) - - Show Bio

There were two characters pre-New 52 that perfectly fit the two different types described in the video. One being a classic high profile villain with a deep history with Grayson and the other a new reimagined character. They were Deathstroke and James Gordon Jr.

Though Deathstroke should be his main nemesis. He murdered his friends and teammates, destroyed Blüdhaven, had his children somewhat reform because of Nightwing and was his main nemesis in a fairly popular animated show, but the New 52 seems to have wiped a lot of their history away (we don't even know if they've met before) and sadly from the looks of things it seems like they are going to make him Superboy's nemesis, they are building up their connections, but that is if they even want him to be a villain anymore. I get the feeling they want him to be more like Deadpool than some villain now which is a little unfortunate. He was one of DC's best villains.

James Jr. was a very good Joker-type villain for Nightwing and very different from a threat like Deathstroke, which was nice. He and Grayson really represented polar opposites of each other especially in how they viewed the world. Unfortunately it seems like in the New 52 they made James Jr. more of Babs nemesis, which I get, but it is just another thing on a long list of things Dick lost in the reboot. Just sad to see the dynamic they build up between each other in the Black Mirror saga not matter much anymore, but oh well.

Also for a new/reimagined character to really be accepted the story they are reintroduced in has to be amazing and epic (like James Jr. in the Black Mirror) so the reader can buy in to this character actually being a legitimate nemesis and threat. I mean look at what they did with Shiva. They gave her some type of history with Nightwing but the story they are introducing her in is dull (feels like filler honestly) and completely botched her design to where it is difficult to take her seriously, which isn't good for someone they could be trying to make as his potential nemesis.

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#8 Posted by Fantasgasmic (1092 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say Rose Wilson could be his nemesis if it wasn't for how she's been shat on by the New52.

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#9 Posted by Jawshco (252 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the idea of a new villain for Dick. How about the Giggler?

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#10 Posted by cbishop (11873 posts) - - Show Bio
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

I liked Lady Vic as his Catwoman, and Blockbuster as his Kingpin.

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#11 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82985 posts) - - Show Bio

Gman!!!!!! Breaking down Lady Shiva, love it. You were spot on about Shiva not being the type to have an arch-nemesis, at least not in the classic/traditional sense. And I dont see her becoming Nightwing's in the New52. Its somewhat obvious from her recent appearances that her plans/interest in Nightwing isnt about killing him. She's grooming him. And to an extent, training him. She mocks him about being in the shadow of Batman in a way that suggests she is trying to make him stand on his own. But to what end? I do not know.

I personally love the costume now. I am fully on board with the costume. Forget the haters lol

New 52 Shiva is being presented as the badass she was reported to be in the original DCU. They accomplished this through her dialog almost as efficiently as they did her artistic combat portrayal.

Now I know this vid was more about Nightwing and who his arch-enemy could be but forget Nightwing, he's an after thought in all this. Once the Shiva arc is done I dont see myself picking up another issue anytime soon.

In closing, who cares who his arch-nemesis is. Make it Penguin for all I care :D

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#12 Posted by saoakden (1274 posts) - - Show Bio

I figure Saiko or William Cobb, The First Talon we saw, would be his enemy.

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#13 Posted by D_Knight (70 posts) - - Show Bio

did they ever explain why nightwing's cange from blue to red? it was seeing him match with red hood and red robin in batman and robin #10 but is a better reason why?

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#14 Edited by Zaigre (4 posts) - - Show Bio

After reading Robin: Year One and Nightwing's Last Rite tie-in I would say Two-Face.

PS: I forgot about the time when Dick was Batman and they fought.

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#15 Posted by RoTheKid (259 posts) - - Show Bio

I think bringing in a new villain is an excellent idea! It should be done! I would embrace it! :) Also, I'd say have DeathStroke be a major villain for Dick as well.

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#16 Posted by Queso6p4 (1556 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm definitely digging this new setup. It's good getting more detailed answers to questions.

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#17 Posted by JairamGanpat (1017 posts) - - Show Bio

It looks like they're trying to build up lady shiva as his nemesis...

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#18 Posted by Differentology (34 posts) - - Show Bio

Really guys???? Who should be his nemesis? It should be someone how has a deep connection with him. Someone that will be evenly matched with him. Someone that not only wanted to be him but to be better than him. Someone that would turn their love for him into hate. Can we say JASON TODD!!!!!!! Would that not be perfect?

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#19 Posted by redhood018 (5 posts) - - Show Bio

in the first volume there was dudely soames was kinda his nemesis maybe but in the new 52 he doesn't have any one and i think they should make it deathstorke

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#20 Posted by Michiel76 (192 posts) - - Show Bio

Okay so i haven't read that many nightwing comics but since Batman has all these lets say weirdo's and freaks as villians shouldn't Nightwing have something else? Like maybe a Kingpin character or something like a cartel. They could target him because he's disrupting their drug trafficking etc. 
Of course they could still hire the freaks, weirdo's and assasin characters to take care of him, but ultimately his nemesis would be a regular guy that's a crimelord, who of course wouldn't be without his own set of skills.

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#21 Posted by Loki9876 (3366 posts) - - Show Bio

Prof pyg would be a great villain.

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#22 Posted by modunhanul (447 posts) - - Show Bio

Let's hope Dick gets his own villain.

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#23 Posted by vernierhawk001 (563 posts) - - Show Bio

@Differentology said:

Really guys???? Who should be his nemesis? It should be someone how has a deep connection with him. Someone that will be evenly matched with him. Someone that not only wanted to be him but to be better than him. Someone that would turn their love for him into hate. Can we say JASON TODD!!!!!!! Would that not be perfect?

I was thinking about that, too. Todd fanboys would be angry, though. I agree with James, Jr being a great choice. In addition to their history (see Black Mirror) it would be another way to bring Babs and Dick close (though not necessarily in a romantic way). Would be an intereting dynamic, too.

I saw Deathstroke as Dick's physical challenge (kinda his Bane...both villans are still smart) and James as his Joker/Riddler. Personally, I think dick might go train with shiva after death of the family (I haven't read Nigthwing 14 yet!)

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#24 Posted by Zeeguy91 (1589 posts) - - Show Bio

Dick should definitely fight more of the old Teen Titans enemies. I mean, the Nightwing title would be the perfect venue to reintroduce some of the older Teen Titans villains. I don't know why anyone didn't think of this before: Cheshire, Plasmus (although he already popped up in Blue Beetle), the Fearsome Five, Doctor Light (Arthur), and maybe some of the old Doom Patrol enemies can all be reintroduced as Nightwing villains. I mean, we did see that he, Roy, and Kory were on a team at some point in the past. Why haven't some of their old enemies come after him?

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#25 Posted by Alpha (8097 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it should be the one Court of Owls that was to be replaced by him that was returned.

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#26 Posted by SmoothJammin (2603 posts) - - Show Bio

Professor Pyg was his joker so to speak. I vote Pyg as an adversary. James Gordon was more of a rival. If Shiva trained Dick as she did Bruce during Knightfall I'd die a happier man. Call me old fashioned but if you're looking for a nemesis Deathstroke was always going to be his prime threat. Think about it, Team Builder vs Team Buster, a charming spontaneous young man vs a cold calculating old man.. I could literally write a list.



noun,pluralnem·e·ses [-seez].1.somethingthatapersoncannotconquer,achieve,etc.:Theperformancetestprovedtobemynemesis.




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#27 Posted by captainspidey1 (45 posts) - - Show Bio


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#28 Posted by graysonofgotham (524 posts) - - Show Bio

@Loki9876 said:

Prof pyg would be a great villain.


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#29 Posted by SmoothJammin (2603 posts) - - Show Bio

@richardjohngrayson said:

@Loki9876 said:

Prof pyg would be a great villain.


Definitely. I think of it like this, in school you have your pop quiz, test and final exam. I believe to measure the calibur of Nightwing you must gauge him based on those 3 types of performances. His pop quizzes are like his Saiko's, Condiment Kings, Paragons of the world. These are the guys that come and go. The next tier are 'regular' villains that keep him in check--Pyg is like his test, who's almost there to reassure him "don't get too settled Nightwing, I'm a legitimate threat to your entire city" one misstep and it's Chemo revisited. He plays along with Nightwing's circus theme too so it's all love :) Deathstroke to me embodies the final exam. He's the big gun who only comes around when you want to pull off a hell of a story. Dick becomes the underdog in those circumstances and he's forced to dig deeper than he ever has to prove his mettle as a world beater. My two little cents.

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#30 Posted by BatWatch (5479 posts) - - Show Bio

I cannot see the video. Anybody else having this problem?

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#31 Posted by AdmiralIndigo (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I am all for Professor Pyg. He and his Circus of the Strange could make some great dichotomy since Dick is now in charge of Haley's Circus. Great psychotic Batman villain that would work wonders being Nightwings's arch-foe since he first faced him when Dick was under the cowl.

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#32 Posted by cineman (7 posts) - - Show Bio

What about Sonya Zucco? She has deep ties to Dick's past, and has shown so far to not be a very trustworthy person. Push her into a vat of chemicals and Boom we got a nemesis for Dick. Also, what about James Gordon Jr? Or is he more of a Batgirl villain now? Tiger Shark?(although I think he's lame).

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#33 Posted by batarang614 (185 posts) - - Show Bio

@MrShway88: yea thts true too often hes just happy batman

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#34 Posted by SpaceCommander (43 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it's gotta be either Deathstroke or James Jr cuz even though Deathstroke is sort of an antihero he's still a killer and Nightwing would probably still be against that. And if the some of the pre-New 52 stuff still stands, then that would mean that Deathstroke tried to kill him and his friends when he was a teen so that would probably leave a lasting impression on Dick. And I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that Scott Snyder built up James Jr to be the complete opposite of Dick. Like where Dick is really compassionate while James is a sadist and stuff.

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#35 Edited by Nightwingdg (97 posts) - - Show Bio

Deathstroke all the way! Most people say Deathstroke is Nightwing's Joker. DC has a goldmind on there hands if they would get a writer to plot out an epic Nightwing/Deathstroke story. Idea: Nightwing trains with Shiva,Deathstroke takes on a contract to kill shiva cause he wants to prove he is the greatest merc. Deathstroke vs Nightwing vs Lady Shiva battle royale, just think of the epicness right there. DC wastes their great characters with terrible writers and stories; look at the last 2 issues with Lady Shiva. What a waste of panels that trash was.

Then Kyle Higgins, a writer with passion for the character, gets wasted on BS Joker tie ins.

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#36 Posted by slopoke36 (66 posts) - - Show Bio

@JairamGanpat: I hope not. She seems a little lame to me.

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#37 Posted by TheRobin (17 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Deathstroke would work. Also a new character would be good. The new character could work as a Catwoman for him.

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#38 Posted by JairamGanpat (1017 posts) - - Show Bio

@slopoke36 said:

@JairamGanpat: I hope not. She seems a little lame to me.

Her new 52 incarnation is quite lame but I'm not gonna ignore that all her new 52 appearances have been with Nightwing of the past and present and her speech has basically been "There, more to see from you, Nightwing". She's definitely going to be a recurring character for Nightwing.

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