Another age rant

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Am I the only one who thinks that Damian's death would have had a bigger impact if Dick wasn't 16 years old as Robin? In the new 52 Damian is apparently the youngest (so far) to take up the mantle, meaning his death (while tragic) shouldn't be a huge surprise. I think that if Dick would have started younger it would explain why Bruce (and especially Dick) would allow Damian to even take up the mantle in the first place. Otherwise, in line with the new 52, they should have waited a few years.

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@soduh2: You're right, but...

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Uodljfdof ludlurxlurxbubrwowfu wfhbwoooygoyv ojbudbcywlhveocvekc isycvelch.

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@Z3RO180: Isycvelch? Oh my, that's serious!

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@soduh2: Ya your right having Dick 16 as Robin was the dumbest thing they did.

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@soduh2: new 52 has only really hurt the Batfamily continuity wise

but we;ve known that for a while.

Damien's going to be replaced by someone else, which is pretty sad

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You're right but the weirdest thing in dick's timeline is that he still has been batman for a year

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