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Diamond Head is the leader of the Diamond Heads gang in Harlem. They frame the Falcon for murder and is wanted by the police. Captain America comes to Harlem looking for his friend Sam when he finds out he is surrounded by the police inside a building. Captain America manages to get inside the building and find Sam. He gives Sam his costume in order to change his appearance and ducks by the police dressed as Captain America.

Later the Diamond Heads are confronted by Captain America and the Falcon at a new warehouse that just opened up in Harlem. A fight ensues and the Diamond Heads gang is taken down by Captain America and the Falcon. Captain America removes the mask of Diamond Head to reveal his identity as Rocky the Lynx who is actually one of the Maggia's top lieutenants. He was using the Diamond Heads in order to cause trouble in Harlem so the Maggia can come in and take over.

Powers and Abilities:
Diamond Head is proficient with a number of firearms.

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