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On the docks Amara takes a call from Bala and tells him that Iyam has 'somehow' learned of Bala's contract with Kratha to kill Tara. She then turns gun pointed to Rahul and promptly shoots the two guards holding him. She then tells Rahul to go to a temple and save the girl that is to be killed. Eventually he agrees.

Elsewhere, Iyam is in the midst of battle with the Durapasya as Kratha descends upon Tara for the kill as the man that confronted Kratha earlier, Agantuk, teleports her into a nearby car telling the Durapasya drivers save her. Kratha and Iyam then form a battlefield alliance and begin to follow in a truck.

In her some-induced trance Isana tells the story of Devi: what she is, why she was created, and explains of Bala and other accomplishments of the Devi.

Agantuk returns to the Durapasya temple and explains what has happened. His tale is thwarted however by Swamiji, the head of the Durapasya. Swamiji does not believe him, nor does he put any value on Tara, for should she be compromised he is sure the gods would give them another. Swamiji also disputes Amaguk's claim that they should not sacrifice Tara, but should allow the Devi to infuse with Tara so that the human and divine may coexist.







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