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Dex (Deus Ex Machina, the Literal embodiement of the dramatic concept), arguably one of the most powerful of the Literals. He waits to solve all problems until doing so is truly impossible. He can appear out of nowhere, but he cannot work miracles, as he can only work "once per story, usually toward the dénoument". He appears to dress in a formal attire with a captain's hat. He came to Hillary, Jack Horner's, and Gary's assistance briefly but left suddenly.

He'd appear again during the Great Fables Crossover near the end of the story. He came as a big surprise to Bufkin as he came quickly into Fabletown's lost business office to retrieve an "egg" that would hatch a new world for Kevin. After it hatched a door open, he went along willingly, along with many other literals to this new world with the tied up Kevin and Mr. Revise. He's mostly likely still there where Kevin's wondering where to start in his new world.

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