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"Officer Down," Part 6. The GCPD at last finds the person they're looking for, but time is against them, and not even Batman can bring the would-be killer to justice. As the clock ticks towards zero, several characters make decisions that will change their lives forever. Plus, Chapter 9 of "The Jacobian."


Detectives Allen and Montoya have the job of trying to get Officer Jordan Rich, formerly Jordan Reynolds, to confess to the shooting of James Gordon. Of course, this is no easy task since he has been a police officer himself for the past year or so. They also have the whole of the rest of the police department breathing down their necks, desperate to get the conviction. He claims that it is sheer coincidence that he is now working for the man who arrested him so many years ago, and that although he may well have wanted Gordon dead for ruining his life, it wasn't him that carried out the shooting. Of course, as he is well aware, the police department only have circumstantial evidence against him. Harvey Bullock visits Gordon is hospital to tell him of the progress made in finding his assailant. Gordon recognises Reynolds from Chicago so many years ago, but is unable to say whether or not it was him who shot him: he did not see the gunman, and would not pretend that he had.

When not even fear of Batman can force him to confess, Jordan Rich is released. As he leaves, he encounters Batman, who reveals that he will not kill him if he makes a confession. However, Rich decides that even a beating by Batman would not compare to losing his whole life, which is what Gordon did to him, and refuses.

Officer Down concludes in Batman: Gotham Knights #13

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