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Nightwing and Robin descend into the Batcave while Batman (Jean Paul Valley) is away. Nightwing is upset that Jean Paul was picked over him to take up the mantle of Batman despite his past mental problems Bruce had assumed he was over. Robin explains Bruce thought Nightwing had moved on. A light appears in a tunnel and Nightwing prepares to battle what he believes to be Jean Paul.

Meanwhile in Gotham, Batman takes on some gun dealers and asks one of them where he can find LeHah. LeHah (or at least a hallucination of him) appears and Batman attempts to attack it while the arms dealer escapes.

Back in the Batcave the man in the tunnel is revealed to be Harold. Harold invites Robin and Nightwing down a shaft where they find his workshop where he has access to Valley's files. Robin finally learns how the new Batman has been getting around- the subway Bat-train.

High above Gotham on the tip of a skyscraper, Bruce Wayne wearing the mask of Tengu, struggles to get the nerve up to make a leap of faith off the building.

Meanwhile Batman tracks down one of the gun dealers who is bound in a dark basement and asks him about LeHah. The dealer assumes he's talking about one of the other dealers and tells him to go look for a guy named Candy in a club. Batman tells the dealer to stay awake or the rats will eat him.

Bruce takes on ninjas sent by Lady Shiva and they back him into a corner. Facing superior numbers he jumps off the side of a bridge, landing on a moving van, and rolls off to face another especially tall ninja master. They battle in traffic, Bruce takes special care not to kill any civilians in the process.

Batman abducts a man from the club that goes by the name Candy and takes him to a gun dealer's apartment. They find the dealer dead in his apartment, Batman suspects LeHah.

Bruce defeats the tall ninja, sending him into the windshield of a moving car, driven by another female ninja specializing in chains. She has Bruce on the ground nearly defeated when her chain gets caught on a moving truck dragging her away. He runs after her to make sure she survived while Lady Shiva looks on and smiles.

Police find the gun dealer that told Batman where to find Candy in the basement, petrified by the rats, screaming.

Back in the Batcave, Batman hallucinates again and sees St. Dumas who tells him that LeHah did not work alone in murdering his father. Robin and Nightwing watch from a monitor, as Valley loses his mind screaming to himself.

Story continued from Batman: Shadow of the Bat #29 Story continues in: Batman : Legends of the Dark Knight #62

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