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"Know Your Foes"

After receiving a note instructing them to "Know your foes," Batman and Robin review their rogues' gallery.

Batman received a cryptic note via Gordon - "Know your foes" is all that it read. He and Robin scanned the computers to see if they could turn up any suspects. They gave up and decided to wait for a break in the case.

(continued in Batman #400)

"Old Enemies Die Hard"

Oliver Queen discovers his apartment burglarized and his answering machine torn up, but he manages to play the tape on another machine and hears Onyx’s voice telling him that she is in Tommy’s music store and that she has been followed by someone. In the music store, Tommy and Onyx share their first kiss, but, minutes later, a powerful villain named Barricade breaks in, battles Onyx, and snatches her headband away. Green Arrow, who has just arrived on the scene, knocks the headband away from him with an arrow, but is no match for Barricade’s strength. The villain prepares to unmask before the downed arrow, telling him it will be the last thing he sees in this life.

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