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In "The Set-Up Caper" Batman is duped into fighting and arresting the wrong man. Catching criminal Rex Giles,   the two have a slug-fest with Batman coming out on top. However, when Batman gets his captive to the police station, he finds it isn't Giles he has arrested, but boxer Kid Cobra, who informs Batman that he is about to take legal action against the Caped Crusader. Turns out of course that Cobra was elaborately disguised as Giles. Duped into fighting another look alike, Batman discovers some forensic evidence giving him a clue as to how he should proceed in his pursuit of the real Giles. Realising he has been analysed in terms of his fighting style and that he has been set up for a sucker punch when he confronts the real Giles, Batman changes his tactics when the two finally meet and the Caped Crusader proves once again that he is too fast for any opponent in hand to hand combat. 
The back up story in this issue features Hawkman as he encounters "The catch- me- if -you- can crooK!" Catching an ordinary looking thief, Hawkman is amazed when the man uses electric powers to escape. Turning up to commit his next crime at the Midway Branch of the Government's Printing office, the crook encounters Hawkman again. The winged wonder is astounded as the criminal again breaks his bonds - not only that, but clips Hawkman's wings in the process, leaving our hero aloft thanks to his anti gravity belt, but otherwise helpless. The story continues next issue.







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