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Batman is on the run - accused of murdering Ra's Al Ghul and his daughter Talia. The citizens of Gotham City are divided about his status - hero or villain, and there is a police APB out on him, Dead or Alive. Now, things take another unexpected twist in "Enter the Creeper!" Desperate to clear his name and prove his innocence, the Caped Crusader uneaths Ra's Al Ghul's grave to discover it empty. Suddenly surrounded by a police patroll, Batman convinces them to look for themselves - but when they look Ra's is right there - leaving the policemen to conclude Batman has gone nuts. When Batman finds himself at Gotham Zoo, the Creeper enters the scene and declares he is going to take Batman in. In the ensuing fight, a mystery observer looks on as the two costumed characters battle not only each other, but the Lions into whose cage they burst. Suddenly turning around to see his opponent with the man who has been watching them. As the Creeper threatens to throw the man to the Crocodiles, he is just about to tell them who he is working for when he is killed by an arrow. The Creeper now believes Batman is being set up and agrees to help clear his name - next issue, of course.

The back up story in this issue features Robin the Teen Wonder in "The Puzzle of the Pyramids" In a story that features a Clark Kent cameo, Robin gets caught up in a holographic image scam, when it seems a young man is buried beneath a pile of rubble. However, the same young man is secretly committing a robbery while others search for his body. Robin uncovers his ploy and sends the story to Clark.

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