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Batman investigates the "Freak - out at Phantom Hollow!" When mysterious events begin to occur in the sleepy village of Phantom Hollow, the superstitious villagers begin to believe that they are being haunted by a ghost from their past. 300 years ago a woman was hung for being a witch. Legend had it that she put a curse on the steeple bell of the church to stop it from chiming and it would only toll again when she returned to take her revenge on the town that killed her. 
Now as the bell tolls once more, the residents are fearful.Batman discovers that the bell itself has not been ringing, but it was an amplified tape recorder. Following the clues left behind, Batman trails them to the village gentle giant, who is a descendant of the woman hung for witchcraft. Far from being the village idiot, he is probably the most well read man in the whole community. Still, Batman stops his campaign of terror. 
Last month as you recall, we left Bat-girl with a splitting headache, as a female adversary forced an electrified wig on her head and her male partner turned up the juice. With a little prior detective work, Batgirl manages to turn the tables on her captors and very soon they are telling her all they know.







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