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the beginning of something good

This here is a little gem of a title by the great Warren Ellis involving a bedridden millionaire, his daughters, his porno collection and the one tape he wants immensely. A long lost porno involving Adolf Hitler and his (little fuhrer) that is worth millions to collectors and is impossible to locate. So he aquires a private detective , enter : Michael (Desolation) Jones, an ex MI:5 agent subjected to a hellish experiment to boost his stamina, which looks like an extended torture session by way of 'a clockwork orange' involving nasty tools,mysterious chemicals and a year of sleep depravation. the experiment was dubbed a failure and ultimately he was declared unfit for further work and was dumped in Los Angeles with a government pension, a bad complexion,and a sensitivity to Alcohol and the Sun. Where he sleeps for an hour a day ,stays out of sunlight and basically lays around waiting to work on his cases. One of the biggest pluses in the story other than Ellis' patented writing style is the artwork of J.H. Williams III, which is an excellent cornucopia of hallucinogenic,gripping and awesomely choreographed action, from a fight scene in a later issue with a gimp to Jones staying the night with a fellow "failed experiment" to an ex-porn star's recollection of her past experiences, each and every pages is rendered so beautifully and in some cases intimately done. hopefully this series will return one day but for now we have this cool little story to bid the time.

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