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Winston Redditch was a brilliant behavioral psychologist that believed that certain isolated sections of the brain controlled anger, hostility and aggression. Redditch was working on a chemical compound to suppress the bestial portion of the brain and reinforce the humane thought-centers. Buck Cowan wanted to take Jack Russell to the psychologist because his work may be a possible cure for lycanthropy. However, Redditch tested the wrong solution on himself when his wife accidentally switched the benign solution while she was dusting the lab. Redditch changed into the strong, raging madman he called DePrayve and smacked his wife when she entered the room. Cowan and Russell went to the home of Redditch and were greeted by DePrayve. Both men were knocked out by DePrayve and the raging madman was free to glory in evil. Russell would transform into the Werewolf by Night and confront DePrayve inside a supermarket as he terrorized the patrons inside. DePrayve escaped when the police arrived. The Werewolf found DePrayve nearby when he attacked a young couple. The two started fighting when DePrayve changed into his human side and the Werewolf hospitalized him with a slash. Russell would later approach Redditch in his hospital bed and asked if he could help exorcise the lycanthrophy curse with his serum. Redditch agreed to help and would provide further instructions when they reach his lab. The Hangman came after Redditch when he learned that he was the raging madman known as DePrayve. The Hangman kidnapped Redditch from his hospital room and took him to his hideout, an abandoned movie theater. The Werewolf discovered their location when he tracked their scents. Redditch would transform into DePrayve while the Hangman and the Werewolf engaged in battle. DePrayve punched the Hangman but fled when the Werewolf slashed his face. The Hangman was apprehended and DePrayve would change back into human form inside a dark alley and vow to never touch the serum he spent years creating.    


DePrayve was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in 1974 and first appeared in Werewolf by Night # 24.     

Powers & Abilities

Winston Redditch was a brilliant behavioral psychologist and chemist. As DePrayve, he possessed enhanced strength. 

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