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Dennis Hogan was a human-looking mutant who, at some point, had been infected with the Legacy Virus and therefore attempted to seek help at the Xavier Institute. On his way to the Institute, he stopped at a diner in order to get something to eat to keep his strength up. While he was there, a television broadcast revealed that Moira MacTaggert  had contracted the Legacy Virus, indicating the possibility for humans to catch it. Soon, a group of humans at the diner began telling anti-mutant jokes, stating that it would be better if mutants just didn't exist. Dennis quickly left the diner, after becoming increasingly uncomfortable  around the group. Noticing Dennis's hasty departure led the group to believe that he might actually be a mutant. Acting on their anti-mutant hysteria, the group followed him, and ultimately confronted Dennis, causing him to lose control of his mutant abilities and leading him to transform into his lizard-like form. The group quickly proceeded to savagely beat Dennis, due to the fact that they now saw him as nothing but a monster. It was during the beating that the telepaths at the Xavier Institute were able to pick up the mental cries of Dennis. Xavier immediately had Storm fly him to Dennis, and also went ahead in his astral form to try and help, but found he was too late. The humans were unfortunately long gone at this point, having finished their despicable deed. Xavier arrived physically with his team just in time to see Dennis die from his wounds, just shy of the town border of Salem's Center.     

Powers and Abilities 

Dennis exhibited the ability to shape-shift into a lizard-like form. One of his attackers stated that he had claws while in this form, but this may have been simply an attempt to make him seem hostile. It is uncertain what other traits his transformed state may have exhibited. 
It should be noted that when he transformed, Dennis referred to himself in the third-person, indicating that his lizard-state may have had a separate personality. 
Also, like all mutants with the Legacy Virus, Dennis was considerably weakened and didn't have full control over his powers.       

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