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Golembuski gained respect in the streets of New York after quitting working for Wilson ''Kingpin'' Fisk, whose former employees allegedly leaves him only in one way - in a casket. After gaining independence from Fisk he started up his own fledgling criminal empire something that put him in direct competition with The Hood. Specialising in diamonds (particularly conflict diamonds) Golembuski and his lieutenant Madam Rapier hired Shocker, Constrictor and Jack O' Lantern to protect the latest shipment. In their initial meeting Golembuski asked if any of the three were mutants because his own daughter was a mutant herself and suggested he diversify his workforce.

As the inspection was finished the Hood stole half the diamonds causing Golembuski to demand answers where his goods had gone. He didn't have to wait long as the Hood arrived and set up a meeting to return the stolen stones for a cut of the profit. Agreeing Golembuski sent Rapier to kill the Hood at the rendezvous,something that ultimately led her to be shot by police. The Golem would later be told by 'his master' that because of his failure his family were in danger. Jack O'Lantern and the others were able to reclaim the stones in return for Golembuski calling off the search for the Hood, it was too late and his family had been killed. Tearfully Golembuski told his employers that nothing had ended between him and the Hood and the fledgling criminal mastermind was still a marked man.

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