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In the DARK AGES of the DC Universe, THE DEMON and MADAME XANADU are all that stands against the HORDE of VANDAL SAVAGE!

Written by Paul Cornell (ACTION COMICS, Doctor Who).

Collects DEMON KNIGHTS #1-7!

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The Horde of the Questing Queen is descending on the small village of Little Spring, and soon the helpless villagers will be overrun by barbarians and dragons. Their only is seven strangers --- immortals, sorcerers, demons and warriors --- who were brought together by fate in the realm's hour of need.

Jason Blood, bonded by Merlin to the Demon Etrigan. Made Xanadu, mystic lover of both Jason and Etrigan. Vandal Savage, immoral warrior and devourer of dragons. Al Jabr, mysterious inventor from a foreign land. Exoristos, ferocious exile with a chip on her shoulder. Sir Ystin, the Shining Knight of an even more far-flung Camelot. And the Horsewoman, whose powers greater than her secrets.

Together, these seven heroes are all that stands between Little Spring and the Queen's horde and deadly dark magic. With odds stacked so impossibly high against them, how can this unlikely team succeed...especially when they're betrayed by one of their own?

In DEMON KNIGHTS: SEVEN AGAINST THE DARK, collecting issues 1-7, writer PAUL CORNELL (TV's Doctor Who, STORMWATCH) and artists DIOGENES NEVES (GREEN ARROW) and MICHAEL CHOI (X-Force) bring together a unique team of heroes in an age of blood and magic!

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