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A while ago I said in a rather ill-tempered blog post why I didn't really like this book because of the fantasy settings, the unrecognizable characters and the hype. Well, I have to say, I was dead wrong. This book is good, not very good, but good enough to warrant me buying the second and third issues to see where it goes. This book does what very fantasy books can do in that it doesn't bog itself down in detail like most sci-fi and fatasy and instead decides to simply tell a story with a motley crew of warriors. Its good stupid fun in some parts and humor in others. Etrigan is written more like a medieval version of Hellboy. Heck, I wouldn't even bother with Frankenstein and just read this. The art is really what sold me. Diogenes Neves knows what he's doing. He's not too glamorous and he's not too grim, he captures the setting in a perfectly accessible way. I'm hoping that Al Jabr turns out to be Ra's Al Ghul later, seeing him in a medieval swords and sorcery setting would be quite cool.

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