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Medieval Six?

The DCnU get's medieval with some fan favorites and some new characters thrown into the mix

The Good

Love this cover by Tony Daniel!

Diogenes Neves' turns in some very nice art in this issue and I liked all of his character redesigns for this book. You can tell some real thought was put into this one. He definitely makes them fit the times without resorting to everyone having generic renaissance fair inspired costumes.

This is another DCnU book which throws readers right into the deep end and allows readers to discover the characters and form their own opinions of them as the story unfolds. I like that this book hints at an expansive history between these various characters. That leaves room for future stories and I prefer not to be spoon fed character/relationship history.

The concept of this book immediately won me over. I'm a sucker for sword and sorcery stories and Etrigan's one of my favorite characters in all of comics. Fell in love with the character through his appearances in Batman: TAS and Justice League and haven't looked back. Setting this book in a more or less unexplored period of the DCU's history really opens things up and limits Cornell only with his own imagination. I really hope he cuts loose and does the kind of world/character building that a book like this allows.

I really, really love the unique take we get on Madame Xanadu in this book. Her quicker temper and relationship with Jason Blood/Etrigan are greatly to my liking. And I liked the way that he tied her history from her (sadly) cancelled Vertigo ongoing into the early pages of this issue.

You put Vandal Savage in a book and I'll likely buy it for that reason alone. Cornell knows how to write Vandal Savage and I look forward to seeing him flesh out this period in the amoral immortals life.

Sir Ystin's introduction was without a doubt my favorite of the book, I'm glad to see some of Morrison's 7 Soldiers characters getting a chance to shine (no pun intended) in the DCnU. And the others' reaction to her was truly humorous.

Cornell actually manages to more or less introduce all the members of the team in the initial issue. Unlike in another book...

I like that the villains in this book are Mordru and (possibly) Morgan Le Fey. Considering their shared history with Blood/Etrigan and Xanadu that should make for some interesting character interaction.

Story ends with sword wielding dragons...well, that's enough to bring me back.

The Bad

I know Etrigan didn't rhyme until Alan Moore had him do so in Elizabethan sonnets, but it's such an integral part of the character now that it's going to take some time to adjust to this take on the character. Also, Jason reads a bit flat for me right now.

The introductions of Al Jabr (Arab Batman? Blue Beetle?) and Exoristos (medieval Wonder Woman) did nothing for me (especially the latter). Hopefully when their future fleshed out they'll grow on me.

A book like this should have action straight out the gate, but it looks like that'll be saved for the next issue.

The Verdict

I got a very Secret Six vibe form this book and I felt like it's brimming with potential for greatness. Cornell and Neves turn out a very solid first issue that hit's all beats I needed it to to bring me back for an issue number two. Despite the new characters leaving me cold, I can see some definite potential in both as the story progresses. If nothing else this was a very fun read and I loved how un-seriously this book takes itself. I definitely recommend giving this title a try, books like this are exactly what this reboot should be all about.

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