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Medieval Justice League 0

Paul Cornell's second series of the New 52 has finally come out. However, instead of being set in current times, he takes a shift to the Medieval times? What is the result and is it something that people would want to read?  THE GOOD: I really liked the cover. I think it shows Etrigan as a super cool demon. The art on the inside is also very cool. I think it has details and it makes the comic feel better. The story itself is amazing.I liked it how they told how these characters came to be but it...

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A not so poetic demon 0

I was going to do this whole thing in rhyme, but I'm just not that good at this time. Demon Knights is not well written for a comic book. It seems to me that the writer wanted to use several cheap techniques he stole from Screen play writing. They don't work in comics the same way. They art is basic and doesn't break the mold at all. What you would expect from an Etrigan centered book is what you get.That being said the general pace of the book, the introduction of lore, and the several characte...

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Isn't Only One of Them Actually a Demon? 0

After a disappointing first launch, Paul Cornell proves himself with Demon Knights, featuring the sort of creative and original ideas and character introductions that were sorely lacking from Stormwatch.A team book set in the Dark Ages is a fairly brilliant idea that really stands out as unique among DC's other offerings, and fortunately, Cornell manages to step up to the potential of that premise here. He wisely starts off with the shared origin of Etrigan the Demon and Jason Blood before leapi...

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Its hard to be a history nut these days 0

My hopes for Demon Knight's success are rewarded with a spectacular first issue, that introduces its players in a quick and efficient fashion, and gives most of them enough of a personality that it definitely makes me interested in seeing more of what this team (though they're not a team yet) has to offer.I must say looking at this book and the cast of characters, I cannot help but be reminded a little of Secret Six. The extreme violence (including our villain's introductory scene that is just W...

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What a beautifully crafted surprise from Paul Cornell! 0

It's hard not to appreciate DC's willingness to go outside the traditional superhero box and include titles like "Demon Knights" in their New 52 relaunch. It's even better when these unique titles are actually high quality books. Such is the case with Paul Cornell's "Demon Knights" #1. And to think this was a book I almost passed on. From the first page, Cornell creates a mythical, magical world and fills it with wonderful and intriguing characters such as Etrigan and Vandal Savage. The story m...

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Etrigan And Co, Establishing Status Quo 0

The Good: Where do I start? Etrigan, Madame Xanadu, Shining Knight, Vandal Savage, and more clashing in the Dark Ages. Yes. So cool. Diogenes Neves artwork is just... PERFECT for this book. It captures the medieval 'swords and sorcery' tone amazingly well without being needlessly flashy or crazy. It's a weird kind of standard that just looks GORGEOUS. Paul Cornell has a huge task before him. Because this takes place in a time rarely explored in the DCU, he has to do a lot more work building the ...

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Demon Knights and Magical Days. 0

This series had a a feel of Matt Wagner's Madame Xanadu run for Vertigo and if you enjoyed this issue I suggest you go out and pick up the Vertigo trades.The Demon holds a special place in my heart because I first cared for the character in Alan Moore's landmark Swamp Thing run, when Etrigan was the rhyming demon. With the new 52 being "accessible", I think Paul Cornell does a good job of establishing the key players and working with the classic literature characters set in the DCU's historical ...

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Medieval Six? 0

The DCnU get's medieval with some fan favorites and some new characters thrown into the mixThe GoodLove this cover by Tony Daniel!Diogenes Neves' turns in some very nice art in this issue and I liked all of his character redesigns for this book. You can tell some real thought was put into this one. He definitely makes them fit the times without resorting to everyone having generic renaissance fair inspired costumes.This is another DCnU book which throws readers right into the deep end and allows...

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Meh-mon Knights 0

Etrigan and Xanadu and some others face off against invading hordes of invaders.The Good:Fun: The book is funny. It has some legitimately hilarious stuff in it. Vandal Savage going "My cod says that that's no lady!" is very clever while being silly at the same time.Language I: The speech mostly reads as if it's something that's not happening in this day. Sure, I can't tell whether or not people actually talked like this back in the day, but the speech puts enough distance between today's languag...

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Simply brilliant 0

Simply amazing Artwork there.Disappointing me with both accessibility and story in Stormwatch, I really hoped Paul Cornell's Demon Knights would be much better. After reading the first couple pages, I was sucked in; not only by the absolutely breathtaking art but the story of Etrigan as well.Etrigan isn't exactly the most well known DC character but he's always been a favorite of mine and I've been waiting for him to get a book sometime soon and I'm glad he has a book currently. Cornell does a v...

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Etrigan! No! 0

I love Etrigan, he is one of my oldest, most favorite characters from the DC Universe. I like this story but about half way through it seemed like someone had been reading too many World of Warcraft comics. I just don't find this kind of thing compelling in my DC comics. I wanted this entire issue and perhaps the next few issues to be a three page prologue to a comic set in modern times. Perhaps that's where this comic is going to end up. But as long as there are Demon Knights I'll be reading. I...

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Sword in hand 0

To be honest I had no real interest in this series until I saw in the second issue cover a character that looked a lot like Wonder Woman (I am biased, that is no surprise.) I have never been a big fan of the character of Etrigan, mostly because I have generally felt that he was out of place or poorly used among super heroes. Here though he is used and used brilliantly. I liked almost every single aspect of this issue, from the interesting visuals (that is to say not just the art but the way it w...

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Medieval Magic 0

The Story: Set in medieval times, a group of seven heroes must come together to stop a barbarian horde.  My Thoughts:I don't know why I didn't look into this series last month when it debuted. This series is awesome. With medieval times, magic and dark sorcery how could it not be awesome? While I haven't heard of some of these characters, Paul Cornell does a great job introducing newer readers to them in such a phenomenal and accessible way. Each character is intriguing and has their own voice a...

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Justice League Medieval 0

There is something about this book that really pleases me, but I'm not sure what it is. It ends up reading like Justice League: Medieval, with a group of individuals thrown together to combat evil. I know a little about Etrigan, but I've never read anything depicting him in the past like this. It really works for him; he doesn't feel as ridiculous as he does in the present day.There is very little decompression in this issue and things get moving very quickly. I like that it doesn't drag its fee...

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eating crow seems oddly appropriate... 0

A while ago I said in a rather ill-tempered blog post why I didn't really like this book because of the fantasy settings, the unrecognizable characters and the hype. Well, I have to say, I was dead wrong. This book is good, not very good, but good enough to warrant me buying the second and third issues to see where it goes. This book does what very fantasy books can do in that it doesn't bog itself down in detail like most sci-fi and fatasy and instead decides to simply tell a story with a motle...

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Reads like an RPG 0

Note: If you have read any of my other reviews, they all mention that I am new to comics as of September 2011. I finally took the plunge and have bought all the #1 issues of The New 52. I will be reviewing some of the most notably well down and poorly done, as well as a blog post just ranking them.I've just gotta say that this was a very cool comic! I am a longtime RPG gamer and I just got lost into this issue while I was reading it. It was one of the most well done comics of The New 52, in my o...

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