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A full blown demon from Hell, Demi however is unusual for demonkind in that she is compassionate, charming and naïve, though due to her demonic nature far from anything resembling innocent. This is due to her being raised in a section of Hell known as the Rookery, one of the few places in the Nether Realms that is protected from the grisly rest of Dis.

This however cannot last, and eventually the Rookery is attacked by a hoard more typical demons. Before its destruction Demi is able to escape and is able to find another of the rare sanctuaries in the Abyss, this one belonging to Kit-Ra an exiled cat goddess who on losing her worshippers found Hell the only place left to go.

There Demi finds a kindred soul and is taken in as Kit-Ra’s companion, they however are not trapped in either Hell or Kit-Ra’s pyramid, as the former goddess possesses a number of magic mirrors that lets them visit other worlds, dimensions, and times outside of the Infernal Realms.      


Demi is a comix character who has appeared in over 30 comics published by Carnal Comics, Eros, Kitchen Sink, Mu Press and others. She has also appeared in one DVD movie.    

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