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Deborah Kinney was created by created by writers Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, and artist Billy Tan. She first appeared in 2005's X-23 #2.

Story Arcs

Innocence Lost


Deborah is shown when she calls her sister Sarah Kinney to alert her that her Sarah's niece had been abducted by a serial killer, Sarah decides to send X-23 Deborah's niece to save Megan Kinney. X-23 rescues Megan and she is returned back safely.

Target X

Deborah and Megan Kinney appear once again when X-23 is captured and then interrogated. Laura Kinney (X-23) then flashbacks to memories of how she met Deborah and Megan Kinney and spent time with them not realizing that Debbie's boyfriend Desmond Alexander was a Facility agent.


She remembers and narrates to Captain America and Matt Murdock ( Daredevil how Desmond poured trigger scent into Debbie's tea since his plan was to have Debbie and Megan killed by X-23. His plans backfired when Megan accidentally spilled the tea all over him he started to panic knowing in what the trouble he had gotten into. Immediately Megan got the trigger scent over her and Laura went into her berserk rage. Desmond tried escaping and called back-up but, was killed by X-23. Debbie and Megan showered off the scent just before Laura would of attacked them.

Kimura (X-23's insane handler back at The Facility) then arrives with other Facility members. Laura hides her aunt and cousin and bursts the water pipe located in the basement so they could not be detected. Kimura eventually finds them and captures Laura along with her family. She holds Laura with Adamantium so she could not escape forcing her to watch as she tortures Megan, Laura manages to get free by cutting off her hand and cuffing Kimura. X-23 flees with Debbie and Megan to a hotel after causing an explosion .


Laura the decided to take them to an airport and gives Debbie and Megan fake passports that Sarah Kinney and herself were going to use. Megan then notices that Laura is not coming along and questions her making it a sad good-bye as Megan lastly gives Laura a necklace with a locket showing a picture of her mother and Megan herself. Laura then says that, that was the last time she ever saw her Aunt Debbie and Cousin Megan.

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