Ultimate Deathwatch

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Deathwatch is a demon from another dimension.  He seems to have an Chinese background due to the style of his clothing.  He wants to get a group of mutants together to start The Deathwatch Empire in quest t take over the world.  He desires to destroy all of the worlds threats so that he is the only thing that they fear.  He hires the mutants Blackout, Hag and Troll, Snowblind and a few other mutants to his cause. He tried to get Ghost Rider to join but fails to convince him.  He then tries to steal Ghost Rider's power threw all the people ghost Rider killed.   This Deathwatch wheres a Chinese cerimonial funeral gown and leather pants and  the mask looks simular to a car skull over a human skull.  Under the gown is numerous weapons including guns,knives, and bombs.  He also wears red gloves but when taken off it is one big sucktion cup which he uses to read minds adn feed off murder and pain to get stronger.  He also has the power to change into the person that his enemy trusts the most.  He never takes off the mask.
he is also  a skilled Ninja.  this watch might look like.
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