Ravager is Deathstroke's daughter?

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Deathstroke issue 19 says Slade got his daughter Rose Wilson back after he completed the contract. I look at the comics Ravager has been in Deathstroke and Team 7 and she is in none of them. Was she ever referenced in Slade's past? I haven't been reading much Deathstroke but I read Ravagers. It was strange how Slade suddenly knew he had a daughter and went after Ravagers to get her in Ravager issue 11.

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well pre 52 she was his daughter, i dont think they would change that

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@w0nd said:

well pre 52 she was his daughter, i dont think they would change that

Yea, pretty much this.

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She's always been his daughter, even before the reboot, her name is Rose Wilson after all.

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Deathstroke has a few children. A couple have used the name Ravagers. But Rose Wilson is his daughter, yes.

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