New 52 Deathstroke Series

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I am just starting to get into DC and his appearance in the Shade peaked my interest.

So, is this series worth the cost?


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@thanosrules: If that appearance peaked your interest then you will love Deathstroke. It's currently the only book that I purchase monthly. In a nutshell the series provides everything you saw in the battle with Shade. Good story, multiple twists, badassery, and everything Deathstroke does.. isn't always quite for the reason you believe.

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@thanosrules: It depends what you like.

It's a lot of fighting, with very little plot (mostly due to the pacing relying entirely on blowing stuff up). Pretty much what you might expect from a Deathstroke series. Considerably inferior to the earlier 'Deathstroke the Terminator' series, though the art is better admittedly.

If you want a really good DC title try Animal Man or Swamp Thing (or both!).

Batman has also been fantastic. If you're a fan of the überviolence, Deathstroke is probably the best written of the DC titles right now in that regard.

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My most favorite comic of the new 52 (I'm currently following 10 series) definitely worth a read.

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