FLASHPOINT: What This Means For Deathstroke

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If you've been paying attention to DCU's blog over the past few weeks, then you already know all the Big Names, both good and bad, are getting hit by the miniseries phenomenon known as FLASHPOINT, and yes of course that also means...

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  ... Deathstroke the Terminator.


  I don't know about you guys, but when I heard that Deathstroke was part of the line up to be included in FLASHPOINT I was already psyched, but then to learn that he was one of the few to get a miniseries instead of a Oneshot, man am I over hyped now!
 Icons like this one, along with tons of cryptic phrases, and snip-its of comics have been among the many sneak peeks/ previews writers have shared with readers, each in their own way revealing and yet, bearing even more questions than before. However in strictly dealing with Deathstroke, here is the single daunting question we have been left with…
                                                                                            …Where WILL THE RAVAGER STRIKE NEXT

 Deathstroke won't be the only one affected by FLASHPOINT, Ravager will be as well... but which one?  In Deathstroke's long history two very important figures have played the part as The Ravager, both with strong family ties.   

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The first Ravager was Grant Wilson, Slade's first son, who inadvertently followed in his father's footsteps, getting a contract with the H.I.V.E.  to kill The Titans, in exchange he got his own super powered injection. Tragically this didn't pan out so well for him, the Super serum backfired, and Grant ended up dying in the arms of his father looking like a one hundred year old mummy. Ouch! Would not want to be around DT T when that happened... Oh right, Hello Titans! or should I say goodbye. Deathstroke blamed The Titans for Grant's death and this would mean many heated confrontations and battles between the two for years to come.

 Booster Gold #22
 Booster Gold #22
  So what if Grant had Never died??? If The first Ravager had succeeded in fulfilling his contract and lived, there would have never been The Judas Contract storyline, Jericho and Terra would have never be in the picture, and the Titan's would be dead. That would mean Dick Grayson would never have become Nightwing, and Batman would have been devastated with the death of the first Robin, even before he could lose the second (Tim Drake) to the Joker. That would mean Starfire would have never been able to deliver that final and fatal blow to Adeline Kane, Slade's Ex- Wife and who knows what would have happened if she had continued to live on with Slade's crazed inducing blood inside her. The DC Universe may have ended up with something Deathstroke could only ever hope to dream of, a big happy family... made up of mercenaries.   

                                            ...But then there is still the other option...


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The second Ravager, Rose Wilson. What if she had never turned against her father and joined the Titans?  Unlike her brother before her who held the Title of The Ravager, Rose was born with her own special abilities, precognitive vision. She also was taught from a very young age to defend herself by her mother Lillian Worth and with a little manipulation and questionable drugging, she later trained under her father, Deathstroke. The new Ravager quickly became a deadly weapon, that at times, even Slade had trouble controlling. However with some help from Nightwing Rose finally realized who her father really was and left. Today she fights alongside The Titans, vowing someday to kill Slade.

  Blackest Night: Teen Titans #77
  Blackest Night: Teen Titans #77

But what if Rose had never left her Father? What if she had continued to grow and learn under Deathstroke until she had turned into the perfect killing machine?? Could she have perhaps become so strong that she succeeded in killing her father and then took over the family business???


It seems that whichever Ravager is going to be effected by the FLASHPOINT event it definitely can’t mean good things for the DC Universe and possibly, even worse things for Deathstroke.




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You wanna see a jaw dropper: Coming soon this May for Titans Vol. 2 #35

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@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge:  
and I thought this looked bad- 

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Come on Deathstroke!!! I'm rooting for you. Either way I can't wait to read them both.
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 SPOILERS for issue #2 

I'm not liking the portrayal of Deathstroke in Flashpoint. He's very mediocre powerwise. In the second issue they call his healing powers "famous" but they were barely enough to keep him alive after a shot to the heart. And then he needed help to survive after that. I like when he sniped Warlord but then he goes and says he didn't even hit the spot he was aiming for.........WTF. A little dissapointing to me.

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@Ren: That was pretty lame, I expected a big, massive fight with Aquaman, instead we got a trident stab and not much else.
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As somebody with no prior exposure nor knowledge of Deathstroke, I found his Flashpoint title to be GREAT!! 
It is probably my favorite of the titles that have finished their runs, except possibly for Batman:Knight of Vengeance. 
It properly introduced me to the characters, and told me everything that I needed to know about them. Deathstroke is savage and ruthless (as I assume he is supposed to be), but he never becomes unlikeable thanks to his honorable mission and his respect for his enemies. Furthermore it was simply a good swashbuckling adventure, filled with plot twists, and double crosses. 
It got me invested enough in Deathstroke's character for me to decide to buy his title after the reboot. This is more than I can say for some of the other titles......... *cough cough Green Arrow, cough cough Canterbury Cricket*

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