Deathstroke - 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' Trailer Reveal

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@LightningTiger2190: Maybe. Like I said, he doesnt have to be Beast Mode but even before Superman could fly he could Tank bullets. You say it'd be boring if characters like Nightwing couldnt hurt him but I say thats the entire point/appeal of playing as Superman in the first place. Cause no one is picking the dude for his combat expertise and awesome fighting style lol Either way though its not a huge deal to me just a little disheartening to see a clip of him getting walked backwards with bullets.

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New gameplay footage of Slade vs Batman!  
(in case it doesn't work:!)

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@k4tzm4n said:

His special is insane. This game can't come out soon enough.

I know right

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Thnak God they take out most of that Ironman looking crap, looks like in the comics but not as an Ironman Wannabe.

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God i love deathstroke, he is one epic dc character even i who love meta humans more i gotta say deathstroke is da man.

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Badass, that is all that can be said. I can not wait until the game comes out

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SLadey Sladey awesome

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