Arkham Origins Deathstroke *Spoilerish*

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So I just finished the fight against Deathstroke and it was pretty much a huge disappointment. They were billing Slade to be a big thing in this game, he was awesome in the trailer, his bio said he was the most dangerous man Batman would ever face and they even had him as a playable DLC. Yet in the game he just turns up out of nowhere, get's his ass kicked then gets arrested :- /

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I've heard similar complaints from others as well. If this is the case, Deathstroke's appearance is a massive let down and a notch against Arkham Origins.

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@lvenger: So far my opinions of the game are it's ok, not good, not great but just ok.

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The game looked awesome but now after almost every thing was revealed the game seems as a big disappointment.

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I don't know while the story was a really good even the voice for Batman, at first I was disappointed that they didn't use Kevin Conroy but the actor they used did a really good Batman. Yes the boss battles were a huge let down. But most of them were still fun. I was really disappointed that Deathstroke wasn't the main antagonist of the game like he should have been I was waiting the whole game for him to keep attacking me. If they were going to have you fight him so soon they should have had like 3 different fights against time each time he would be harder using more tactics. His boss battle was still the coolest and most entertaining fight of the game. While I liked the Joker plot I'm still sooo Fing tired of the Joker popping in and stealing the show as the main villain. Is that really the only idea they can come up with?? I'm glad it switched to Bane but I really just wanted Deathstroke to be the main part of the story. Come on WB Deathstroke is badass he takes out all of the top players in the JLA singlehandedly and after a long battle he almost kills Batman with Batman finally being victorious. Batman and Dick Grayson are really the only good matches against Deathstroke. Deathstroke deserved way more screen time and would have realistically taken a lot more to beat than just one fight. He should have kicked Batman's ass a few times forcing Batman to hone his skills through out the game in order to beat him. This was a young Batman and his fight with Deathstroke should have shaped him into a better hero. For the Arkham series this could have been how Batman learned a lot about how to strategize against an opponent that uses more than brute strength. Ok now that I'm done rambling on about how disappointing the brief appearance of Deathstroke was. I think other than the minor story flaws and the huge Deathstroke letdown. This game was so Fing fun. I loved it as someone who is a huge Batman fan and loved Arkham City, I really couldn't wait for a reboot. The reason I'm forgiving for its little flaws is I understand that this wasn't a full fledge sequel seeing as it wasn't created by Rocksteady. But it was really awesome. I kind of wish the costumes that came with the game were better and I wish you could unlock some costumes by completing various challenges and beating the game. However Batman's new look is really cool but I do wish they would have added the Arkham City costume which is my all time favorite of Batman's suits I really wish they would have used something like that for the movies. The game was so fun the it was a hell of a lot better than just ok people are so spoiled when it comes to games the second that something they don't like happens in a game they bitch about it so much and only think about the negative. I'm the type of person that loves reboots of past games that I loved. It's really just an enhanced Arkham City but that's what I loved. Everyone bitched about Fallout New Vegas being the same thing and they say its not better than Fallout 3 but that's so not true and it is one of my favorite games. However I won't say I like this more than Arkham City but I just might like this on an equal level. Everything other than the story is way better. I love the new and improved forensic investigations of crime scenes it's way more complex than it previously was as you get to see exactly how the murder went down. Gotham feels way more vibrant and larger this time around since your no longer in a huge prison they explain that in this horrible part of town there is a curfew since all of the criminals do their dirty deeds at night. Plus their is a crazy blizzard so no one wants to be outside. I love snow so I love the weather in this game especially since your footprints stay in the snow the detail is so amazing. One aspect in the story I do like is the fact that Batman is essentially a criminal in the eyes of the law right now and the fact that right now most people don't even know that much about Batman and they don't even know if he's even real so in the beginning of the game the baddies reaction is so cool they are so scared yelling out "he's real!" Or "it's that Batcreature" then you toss smoke and they think you just disappeared and they think you can't fly and you're not human. It's awesome the feeling of the beginning of Batman's career is spot on. I love how you can return to the Batcave whenever you want granted that you're not in the middle of a mission. All on this doesn't even touch on the awesome new multiplayer game mode that works a lot like splinter cells spy's vs mercenaries. The fear of being a henchman fighting the rival gang all the while watching every dark nook and cranny scared to death that Batman or Robin will take you out is so much fun. Then being able to storm the field as Bane or the Joker is breath taking. All I all this game is really fun I don't know how anyone can think otherwise I could just keep going on there is so much to do there is so much replay value there is way more side missions the riddler returns with riddles it's just so awesome. If you loved Arkham city you will think this game is great fun. The story let down was not enough to make me say "this game was just ok." This game is not bad, it's not good, it's not great, it's not just ok, it IS definitely completely and undeniably hands down Fing AWESOME.

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