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What is wrong with Deathstroke

I hate to speak negatively of professional writing but, for me, there is a huge problem with the writing (not so much art) of the Deathstroke series since issue 9 and the subsequent Savage Hawkman series of the New 52.

With the writing pertaining to Slade Wilson's thought bubbles: I found that his overall thought and ideas are very pessimistic and dismissive when fighting Lobo (who is a pretty lame character to begin with). In this issue I just found that a lot of the time Slade would say things to the effect of "If i make it out of this" and "I knew that I wouldn't be leaving this ship alive" and "The chances of me surviving this fight have decreased substantially" (I'm paraphrasing, of course) From a character who I think is absolutely amazing and is compared to Batman, by Oliver Queen as always planning things out (As in Identity Crisis - great read by the way) and was said to use around 90% of his brain (Also by Green Arrow in Identity Crisis) i just thought that It was underplaying probably one of the more tactical powers in the DC universe (although this can be highly debated)

The art wasn't terrible it's just a shame that Liefeld went so far away from the artistic direction of the first 8 issues of this series. The character design is closer to the pre-52 design but I mean, i think it's a cop out to design based around an old model in this case. I understood the rationale and practicality of the Armored look in the first 8 and also grew to like it but retro i think was a bad choice.

Personally I wish they would change the creative team on this because it's a shame that such a great character is under written and artistically lacking. This is just my opinion but I hop they save this line after this arc because I would hate to stop reading this book because of this lackluster display of writing and artistic approach.

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