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We start out with High-Tech breaking into the Main Factory Complex of Magnum Munitions. He sneaks in using his suit. He copies a bunch of files from the computer room when Mr. Lawson, Chief of Security for Magnum Munitions. Mr. Lawson shoots at High-Tech and He blows the laser with his Diffractory Force Field. Curtis Carr, High-Tech, then uses his Neural Overload Net to capture Mr. Lawson and escape.

The scene changes to Deathlok. He is in the cybernet. We find out that he has gotten a job as a freelance computer consulter. To help his roommate, Jesus, pay for bills. He is fixing a computer, while writing a letter to Tracy, his wife, when we arrive. Computer informs Deathlok that an old Cybertek file was opened. Deathlok tells computer he is busy and to get information to tell him later.

The scene turns to Rock Hill, South Carolina at the Coporate Headquarters of Magnum Munitions. Mr. Lawson is being chewed out about the break-in by Moses Magnum. Mr. Magnum gives Mr. Lawson one last chance to redeem himself by retrieving the stolen data.

The scene changes to Stark Prosthetics in Denver, Colorado and Curtis Car who has just returned. He plugs the stolen data into his computer and quickly rips it out because the data is being traced.

The scene changes back to Magnum Munitions. Mr. Lawson is informed that they have traced the stolen data's signal. Mr. Lawson tells an employee to get the Terrordome ready. Mr. Lawson is going to go retrieve the data and kill Curtis.

The scene changes back to Curtis who has put his High-Tech suit back on and says he knows that they are coming and he will be ready for them with a big surprise.

The scene changes back to Deathlok in the cybernet. Computer informs Deathlok of the trace. Jesus starts banging on Deathlok's head to get him out of cybernet. Jesus asks Deathlok to help him carry some heavy items but Deathlok says he will later but now he has to go to Denver.

The scene changes to Jesus and Deathlok walking to the airport and Deathlok is informing Jesus why he has ot leave. Jesus asks if going on a plane is such a good idea. Deathlok asks why and the scene changes to Deathlok flying in a plane to Denver. The man in the seat next to him terrified. He asks the attendant for coffee to give to the man and in the process scares her.

The scene changes and Deathlok is breaking into Stark Prosthetics. He is about to open the door to Curtis's office when it is blow apart and Deathlok with it. Deathlok and High-Tech fight until Deathlok overpowers him and says he just wants to talk. High-Tech says he's sorry he thougt that Magnum had sent Deathlok after him. Curtis explains he stole the information so that he could help improve his research to make prosthetic limbs. Deathlok sympathizes with him and tells him his story. Whle waiting for Terrordome to arrive Deathlok helps with the prosthetic work. Terrordome arrives and Deathlok and Terrordome battle until Deathlok destoys it. Deathlok puts Mr. Lawson in Curtis's care until the police arrive. Curtis says he will turn himself in and also offers Deathlok a job at Stark Prosthetics.Deathlok refuses the offer and returns home.

There are two quick panels where Deathlok is on a plane and continuing his letter to Tracy. In the letter we find out that Moses Magnum in order to drive off suspision from himself about the Terrordome incident denies that Curtis stole any information and therefore Curtis was released.

Epilogue: We are back at Magnum Munitions Headquarters. Moses Magnum is speaking to Mr. Edgerton and tells him to go to any means to cover up this incident. He tells Edgerton to bail Mr. Lawson out of jail and kill him. Moses then proceeds to promote Edgerton to Cheif of Security, Lawson's old job. Finally, Moses orders Edgerton to find out any information he can about Deathlok saying that Deathlok could be an assett to his diabolical plans.

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