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Almost nothing is known about Death-Skorn's life prior to landing on Earth, except for the fact that he was convicted for crimes on his own planet, banished from it and ended up on Earth.


Created by Bill Maus as an enemy for Nira-X.

Character Evolution

According to himself, he's the most wanted criminal in over thirty star systems. After being convicted on his own planet, he was banished from it. Traveling through space, he crashlanded on Earth in New York City. His arrival was noticed by Nira-X, who was inially defeated by Death-Skorn. He underestimated her recuperating powers and she regained consciousness a lot earlier than he thought. In their second fight, she planted a bomb on the back of Death-Skorn's head. This knocked him out and he was placed in a police containment vehicle. However, he escaped and was quickly joined by co-convicters Belde, Kalibok, Kie and Plazma, who, in the meantime, had also crashlanded on Earth. Though outnumbered, Nira-X and her ally New York police officer Mac Elrok defeated them all. Death-Skorn was taken away by Oasis shock troopers.

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