No love for Death of the Endless?

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what is this? Death is DEATH. Beautiful and friendly, perky but responsible, you don't have to fear dying with her to take you. How are there no topics, and how is she not ranked #1 in death related powers? Wherever something dies, she is there. So long as something yet lives, she will exist. Where is the love?

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No one?

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I love Death!!

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death is the coolest of cool. i was very ipressed with her poise and am constantly am amazed with her stories and abilities. i was actually her for halloween last year, but that's beside the point. she is one of the most well thought out manifestations of a true idea that i have seen in comics and is there to test your beleifs, morals and views on LIFE, whether you listen to her or not you will all end up by her side some day.

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That's more like it. I wonder how it is that she'd ranked so low in death related abilities, perhaps just enough people don't know about her. Honestly, after reading Sandman, you really lose all fear of death, with the idea of her being the one to escort you on.

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I am not afraid to die, I'm a buddhist, and that life is eternal and is an endless cycle, so I love Death.

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Whoa, my beloved died!? does this mean we're immortal :D

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my fave endless character and representation of death

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I love her.

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I love her, but I have no love for Neil.

Kind of a long story as to why but here goes. I was at Supanova and I took a photo with a Death cosplayer and on a whim I uploaded it tumblr and tagged Neil's tumblr url. A couple of days later I woke up to thousands of notifications because he had reblogged it and basically said that he's surprised that a woman dressed up as Death because when the graphic novel was originally run that no women were reading comics. Which is completely bull tbh and pissed me off.

But anyway. I still love her to death [pun intended], but I'm not a fan of his anymore.

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