Will Deadpool apear in Ultimate Spider-Man

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#1 Posted by sammystorm75 (222 posts) - - Show Bio
Deadpool Cameo in Ultimate Spider-Man Episode
Deadpool Cameo in Ultimate Spider-Man Episode "Freaky"

The only reason why im saying this is because of the cameo will he apear again if he does who will voice act him and will he make Ultimate Spider-Man better since these 2 sorta have the same personlity.

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I really hope he does. I stopped watching this series months ago, but I would come back for Deadpool xD Hopefully they'd get Nolan North to voice him. I don't know what they're actually going to do though :0

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Probably. Seeing as how popular Deadpool is now with kids, I think that an appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man is pretty inevitable at this point. It would also work seeing as the show is really comedic. Deadpool would probably get his own flashbacks/daydream sequences.

I'm not sure whether he'd be a villain or an ally; Probably start off as the former then end up being the latter. You're right, though. They do have similar personalities. One would have to take a backseat to the other in terms of goofing off/wise cracks. Usually when the 2 meet in the comics, Spidey plays the straight man, but I doubt they would change his personality much.

He was supposed to appear in Wolverine and the X Men, and while I'm sure they'd never give him a series (it would either suck or get cancelled after 1 season) I could see him being a recurring character if they ever gave Wolverine a show.

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#4 Posted by The Lobster (1740 posts) - - Show Bio

It'd be hard to pull off a Deadpool friendly enough for kids......
Although I suppose if they did it like the Deadpool in Shattered Dimensions it could work. A TV host who is running a dangerous game show, and puts Spider-man on it to boost ratings. It would make sense, what with him being on the cover of a magazine in one episode and a character in a video-game in another episode.

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