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When I was a kid my dad handed me a comic book and it had this funny guy with a red and black suit, shootin' and slicin' stuff and crackin' jokes. Since then I have always enjoyed seeing the beloved Deadpool in video games and the (not so great rendition of) Deadpool in the movies, but failed to read anymore comics of him. So! I am hoping to start over, I want to read his origins and all! Which comics should I start on? Are there any "big books" with all the comics?

Any help would be awesome!

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Joe Kelly.
Pick up Deadpool classic volumes 1 to 5 to get his run. 
Joe Kelly is often considered to be THE Deadpool writer. Every character has that writer that nails the character down to a tee and has a run so amazing that all other writers basically just try to live up to that run, the run that is unanimously good. For Daredevil it was Frank Miller, for Punisher it was Garth Ennis, for Captain America it was Ed Brubaker, and for Deadpool it was Joe Kelly. His run took the character who was basically just a clown and turned him into an actual character with depth. He also masterly walked the tight-line between being funny and being serious. 
Other that Joe Kelly, I'd recommend Uncanny X-force. 
Plus the new ongoing series by Brain Posehn and Gerry Duggan looks like it's going to be great. Although it's too soon to say for certain, it could end up sucking. But if Rick Remender vouches for them, then I trust his judgement.

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Thank you! I am looking forward to reading them :D

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Start at the beginning with New Mutants Vol 1 98 digitally go from their

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