What's with all the (specific) hate for the Origins version?

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I never got all the hate for this version of Deadpool. I mean, Blob isn't normal sized but only fat through normal obesity, Wolverine isnt a 6 foot something handsome guy, Sabertooth isn't wolverine's brother, Maverick isn't some short nerdy guy, Agent Zero isn't an asian villain, so...why is Deadpool having his katanas implanted in his arms such a big deal? It makes sense, because in the movie they did it to one-up wolverine (like Ultimate sabertooth having four claws to one-up Wolverine's 3)

Its still TOTALLY deadpool, just...still as part of weapon X. Literally the only valid complaint I can come up with is him having optic blasts. He dual wields katanas, is disfigured and scarred up all over, kicks everybody's ass, is a TOTAL wiseass, and breaks the fourth wall, evidently going insane after his transformation. Its Deadpool through and through, just more like..rather than gaining ONLY wolverine's mutant power, they also threw in some others.

So..,what's the issue? Or at least, how is this any worse than any other character than the film?

I'd actually be okay if they continued with this version for the Deadpool film, so long as they cut his mouth open and gave him a full costume. And he possibly lost the use of the optic blast.

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That movie is just bad in general. You can watch my review of it here, although there's ALOT of language so don't watch this at work or around kids. I warned you. (Yes it's a shameless plug, I know).
I'll sum up what I hate about this adaption just for those who don't want to watch the video and hear me screaming and dropping a load of F-bombs and acting like a complete jack-off, on here.....
Basically they had golden material and took that golden material and took a big giant step backwards. When it comes to adaptations you're free to change things but only if it improves what has been already established and that character still remains who he is. They didn't improve Deadpool in that movie, they ruined it. They seemed to have the right idea at the beginning but they threw it all out the window when they gave him swords in the arms (Which physically make no sense cause he shouldn't be able to bend his arms when they're inside his arms), Optic Blasts, and removed The MERC WITH THE MOUTH'S MOUTH!!!!! 
Let's take a sad clown story, the story of a man who fell in love with death but is cursed to never be with her, the story of a man who's life is total crap and yet he still manages to look at the glass as half full, and made him into Baraka from Mortal Kombat. That would be like if I took Batman put him in a pink costume and have him kill criminals with his electric boxing gloves. It might fit in with the story, but it's screws up everything the character stands for and nobody would watch it. 
Plus, there is no reason they should have done that to the character. They could have deleted Gambit from the movie and have Wade serve the same purpose in the film. What is Gambit's purpose in the movie? To give Wolverine a ride to Stryker's island.....that's it. Why add this new character into a movie that is already crowded enough when you could have brought a character they've already established back (Even give him the mask and swords) and have him serve the same purpose. They only introduced Gambit into the film because fans wanted him to be there.  
What sounds better....
Wolverine goes to a bar where he finds Gambit a completely new character that hasn't been introduced yet, they fight due to a complete misunderstanding, and Gambit flies Wolverine to Stryker's island because Wolverine threatened to kill him unless he takes him there to kill the men who imprisoned him. 
Wolverine finds Deadpool at the Hellhouse, he's drinking himself silly because he's depressed. Wolverine offers Deadpool to get revenge on the men who scared his face but only if Deadpool takes him to Stryker's Island. Deadpool agrees and flies Wolverine to the island. 
Obviously the second one sounds more better and makes sense to the overall flow of the story plus the character remains unbutchered and the pointless character isn't there to ruin the flow of the story. Plus it makes sense when the character returns to save Wolverine from the collapsing nuke-tower. Gambit comes back just because the plot says so, Deadpool comes back because he wants revenge on Stryker and everyone on the island and Wolverine is helping him do that.
So because Gambit was introduced they had to give Deadpool the short end of the stick and throw his character into the garbage. It would have been better to just have Deadpool serve Gambit's role and have Weapon XI be a completely original character. 
Long story short, they should have made a character up instead of butchering a great character.

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Its funny that a simple change....like just calling the character something other than Deadpool would have been acceptable.

Other than that, the whole movie was garbage and people actually do have a problem with all the things named...like Wolverine and Sabretooth being brothers, Blob just being a guy with an eating disorder etc..

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It was just a really dumb movie overall. I remember being excited for it when they first announced it. Then I watched half of it before turning it off because I hated it so much. It took me a while before I actually went back and watched it all. Once I did, I hated it even more. There are so many plot holes and just dumb story telling overall. Changes to Sabretooth, changes to Deadpool, Gambit's unnecessary and poorly portrayed appearance, and the countless continuity gaffs are just a few of the things I didn't like about the movie.

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The Merc with a Mouth, didn't have a mouth. Unforgivable.

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@Blood1991 said:

The Merc with a Mouth, didn't have a mouth. Unforgivable.

This ^

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