What was Deadpool's last appearance as a villain?

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I don't mean antagonist or anti-hero or a wicked / immoral villain-like choice / action amidst action where he's the protagonist. 
I mean when was the last time Deadpool was portrayed as a a straight up bad guy in conflict with characters who are the hero of the story / book?

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His first appearance. 

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All of his appearances in Classic X-Force I think, after that he got two mini series and from there he was more of an Anti-Hero.

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The only time I thought he was a good character  New Mutants 98

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#5 Posted by The Lobster (1740 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine Origins : The Deep End. 
That's the last I can remember.

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Amazing Spider-man 611, against Spider-man, it wasn't personal, but that was the last time I saw him as the main atagonist on a comicbook, his fight against Spider-man let start the Gauntlet.
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Deadpool 38-39

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